Aggressive Driving: What Steps to Take If You’ve Been Caught


What is aggressive driving? The term encompasses quite a few dangerous behaviors, from speeding to weaving to blowing through red lights. In an ideal world, aggressive drivers look for ways to calm down, rather than putting others in danger.

The reality is, however, that a lot of drivers get into legal trouble because of aggressive driving. What happens next?

There are ways that you may be able to get the charges reduced. However, you’re going to have to take the right steps in order for this to happen.

Read on to learn what to do after getting busted for aggressive driving.

Hire an Aggressive Driving Lawyer

Before you do anything, you’re going to want to hire a traffic lawyer who has experience with aggressive driving cases. Don’t wait for your court date to arrive to realize that you’d be better off with representation.

Why do you want a lawyer in your corner? Lawyers know the state and local laws that are coming into play in your case and they also know about legal precedents to have these charges dropped or reduced. Learn more about how an aggressive driving lawyer will come in handy at a time like this.

Consider Your Options to Reduce the Charge

Chances are, the court won’t agree to drop the charges entirely. They may reduce the charges and your sentence, but they’re bound to add demerit points to your driving record. Still, you may have an opportunity to face less severe punishment.

What are some of the factors a court will take into consideration that might make them reduce your charge? These include:

  • minor negligence that led to reckless driving
  • distractions that led to reckless driving
  • faulty police equipment (ie a faulty radar gun if you were caught speeding)
  • an emergency that led you to break traffic laws in order to get somewhere faster

The idea is to demonstrate that you weren’t driving aggressively and that you don’t exhibit the symptoms of aggressive driving.

Agree to Take an Aggressive Driving Course

Finally, you may be allowed to take an aggressive driving course in exchange for a reduced charge or the removal of your demerit points.

Aggressive driving courses cover things like the reasons for aggressive driving, how to prevent yourself from becoming aggressive while driving, and the dangers of aggressive driving. They tend to take a few weeks and some can be completed online.

Get the Aggressive Driving Under Control to Avoid Future Trouble

The best way to avoid repercussions for aggressive driving is to get your aggressive driving under control. If it’s too late and you’re already in trouble, use this guide to improve the outcome. Remember, you may not be able to get the charges dropped, but it’s possible to have them reduced.

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