7 Fast Facts You Need to Know About the Dallas Real Estate Market


The average seller in Dallas only has to wait 11 days to find a buyer. Astonishingly, you can list your home and have it sold in a mere two weeks.

Plus, that’s not the only fun fact about the Dallas real estate market either.

Keep reading to learn the seven fast facts you need to know about selling a home in Dallas.

1. Homes Are Selling For More

In areas like Dallas, home values continue to increase and are showing no signs of stopping. As homes sell around you, it only increases your property value, making your home a sound investment.

When you’re ready to cash in on that investment, you can feel confident in selling your home quickly! If you’re looking to sell your house in Dallas, click here for more information!

2. Dallas Employment Is On The Rise

Many new businesses are moving into Dallas each year, making the need for employees increase. As these people are moving into the area, they’re buying places to live rather than renting.

Dallas is bigger and better in typical Texas fashion when comparing the housing market to other metropolitan areas.

3. Low Cost Of Living, High Wages

You can’t look at the real estate market without considering the cost of living and how much people are paid. Dallas is a great place to live because of its lower cost of living and the high wages in the area.

Young people are flocking here from expensive states to get more out of their working time and enjoy life outside of work.

4. Dallas Is An International Hub

There are two airports in Dallas, and one of them is so large it’s bigger than the city of Manhattan. It’s one of the business airports in the world, making it easy for locals to travel.

The want and need to travel will only grow, causing people to want to live near the airport.

5. The Price Of Starter Homes Have Increased

This may not be a good trend, but it’s happening. Unfortunately, with the cost of living and everything else increasing, so has the price of starter homes. This makes it harder for people to get out of rental situations and start investing in their homes.

That’s why living in Dallas is sought-after since you can make more money and spend less on your first home to get out of the rental cycle.

6. Lower Competitive Bids

Dallas is touted as one of the strongest markets for buyers. This is because there are less competitive bids, allowing you to purchase a home for less money.

The only other city we see this in is Miami.

Sell In The Dallas Real Estate Market Now

Now that you know our six fast facts about the Dallas real estate market, it’s time for you to decide if selling your home is right for you! Remember, when you list your home, it will sell quickly, so make sure you’re ready.

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