The Average Cost to Install Flooring: A Guide for Homeowners


Flooring installation fees vary wildly depending on several factors. You have to consider the type of flooring, and all the contractor needs to do. The least you can expect to pay for home flooring is around $3 per square foot.

But why does the cost to install flooring vary so wildly? What’s the most you can expect to pay for flooring, and would it be cheaper to DIY install your floors?

We’ve got the answers to these questions and more below. Read on if you’d like to know more about residential flooring prices.

How Much Does Home Flooring Cost?

The cost to install flooring is about $3 to $22 per square foot. The wide price variance is because there are different flooring options, and some are pricier than others.

The average amount you could expect to pay for 500 square feet of new flooring is almost three grand. Some projects can cost as little as $1,500 or as much as $4,500.

Labor costs vary significantly also. Contractors could charge $0.60 to $4.00 per square foot. The fees depend on how much work your floors need.

Cost of Flooring Materials

Hardwood floors are among the most expensive at around $6 to $20 per square foot. Hardwood floors are costly because some wood types are rare and hard to fabricate into planks.

Porcelain tiles cost more than hardwood to lay. You can expect to pay $15 to $20 for porcelain due to how difficult they are to apply. Natural stone tiles cost the same as hardwood because the material is hard to attain.

Installing a carpet will run $3.5- to $11, and laminated floors are $3 to $10. The least expensive flooring materials are vinyl and linoleum, which are $3 to $7. They are synthetic, which means they’re easy to manufacture.

Labor Considerations

You should consider a few things when getting an accurate estimate for residential flooring. We’ve already covered material costs, but there are things like sales taxes and import fees also.

The prices we’ve given won’t be the final price for the materials. State tax rates and out-of-country costs are essential factors as well.

Some contractors charge for travel distance and how complicated the job is. You may find that your contractor has fees for removing the existing floor and removal of hazardous materials.

It’s best to ask your flooring contractor about their fees and plan accordingly.

Is DIY Installation Cheaper?

DIY home flooring work may sound easy, but that’s if you have enough skill and a basic shaped room. However, laying flooring can be a time-consuming and challenging job.

The average cost of DIY flooring is $0.50 to $15. $15 per square foot is cheaper than what you’d pay a professional installer. But there’s a chance the flooring won’t look as good as if you hired a contractor.

Curious About the Cost to Install Flooring?

The cost to install flooring differs depending on what you want and what your contractor charges for specific tasks.

For example, installing laminate is cheap, but you may pay extra if there’s lead in your existing flooring material. DIY installation of flooring materials costs less than professional work, but it may not look good.

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