The Benefits of Using Panic Buttons in the Workplace

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More American workers feel unsafe at work than ever before.

According to a recent survey, only about 65% of people say that they feel safe at their workplace. That’s down from almost 80% just a decade ago.

Do you want to make sure that your employees feel as safe as possible? Then you might want to incorporate panic buttons into your workplace safety plans.

Your employees will be able to push a panic button and get the assistance they need right away. It’s just one of the many benefits of a panic button.

Today, we’re going to touch on some of the other benefits of having a workplace panic button. Read through them and then vow to work to keep your employees safe from here on out.

Panic Buttons Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

In the past, businesses had to be extra careful about where they put panic buttons. They could only be put into certain places during the installation process.

But now that technology has made so many advancements, panic buttons can be put in just about any location that you want. Whether you want to install it under a desk, in the back of a closet, or in some other place, you can do it without a problem.

They Can Pinpoint a Person’s Location Accurately

Once a panic button is pressed, the company that controls it will be able to pinpoint its location in an instant. This will make it so easy for them to send help to the person who is in distress.

And if you just so happen to go with a Bluetooth panic button, it’ll go the extra mile for you. It’ll keep tabs on the location of the person who pushed the button until help arrives. This way, this help will be able to find them if they’ve moved since pushing the panic button.

They Can Generate Thorough Safety Reports

From the moment that a panic button is pushed to the moment that a person receives the help they need, everything will be recorded. It’ll allow you to get a detailed safety report on what happened.

You might be able to beef up your company security moving forward thanks to the safety reports that you receive. They’ll shine some light on your security shortcomings and allow you to make critical changes that’ll benefit your employees in a big way.

Install Panic Buttons Inside of Your Business Today

Do you have panic buttons installed in your workplace at this time? If you don’t, now would be the ideal time to do something about it.

You should obtain at least one workplace panic button and find the right place for it. It’ll make you and your employees feel so much safer when you’re at work, and it’ll provide you all with the protection that you need from now on.

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