The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best HVAC Company Simple


How did people stay cool in the 1920s?

By watching Summer Blockbusters in Grand movie theaters!

In 1925, the Rivoli theater in New York City’s times square was the first theater to carry an air conditioning unit. AC systems have advanced by leaps and bounds over the last century, and so has the type of care that goes into maintaining them.

If you’re not regularly maintaining your HVAC unit, then a complete breakdown could be right around the corner. Instead of paying an HVAC company top dollar for emergency services, you can save a lot of money by being proactive with your maintenance plan. It all starts by hiring the best HVAC team.

We’ve created this short guide to help you choose the right technicians to service your home. What exactly goes into hiring the best HVAC technician? Read on to find out.

Does the Company Have Proper Insurance?

Depending on the state you live in, HVAC contractors might be able to operate without insurance. Even if operating without insurance is legal on your side of town, it’s never a good idea.

If something goes wrong and the company damages your home, you’ll want to make sure they have the correct type of insurance coverage. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the HVAC company to provide you with proof of coverage. Reputable companies will be proud to show you the insurance coverage they’re paying for.

Are They State-Licensed?

Along with checking the insurance standing of your HVAC provider, you’ll also want to find out if they hold an active state license. A state license simply means that a company member took the time to meet all of the requirements to pull permits within your state. Individuals with an HVAC license can pull permits for different HVAC projects such as servicing domestic air source heat pumps.

How an HVAC Exam Helps the Customer

Depending on the state you live in, the HVAC licensing process will be slightly different. However, the contractor will need at least 5 years of experience to obtain an HVAC license.

Along with expertise, contractors also have to pass a rigorous test. The test will ensure that the HVAC contractor understands all of the building and mechanical codes for the place that you live in.

The HVAC test includes fuel codes, service, installation methods, and safety procedures. After completing the test, the license holder must commit to continuous educational training. The continuing education credits are great for customers since it means that your technician will have the latest knowledge.

How Do They Approach Customer Service?

After checking if the company is insured and bondable, you’ll want to know how long they’ve been in business. It’s okay to hire a new company, but only if they have a good reputation. For instance, does the company offer stellar customer service?

Check Customer Service Standards

Have you called the company you’re considering hiring yet? If not, make your first phone call a mini-interview. Notice how the receptionist picks up the phone.

Do they send happy to be working there? Were you greeted with a smile over the phone or rushed through your inquiry? A company that doesn’t know how to treat its customers like royalty isn’t a company you should be working with.

You deserve to work with a friendly and efficient team member when calling an HVAC service. The same line of thinking holds true for sending out emails or chatting with the company representative online. Your interactions should always be professional, kind, and effective.

Always Compare Rates as a Smart Homeowner

As a smart homeowner, you understand the need to shop around. Once you find a company with licensed technicians and they’re insured, you’ll need to get a quote. Make sure that the quote is detailed.

A general quote will just give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. An exact quote will assess your specific HVAC needs so that you can have a firm estimation of what you will pay.

Detailed quotes are much more profitable when it comes time to shopping around. For example, you’ll be able to take your quote to another HVAC provider and see if they can beat it.

Suppose the other provider offers you a lower price but skimps on the services. In that case, you’ll know it’s not a good quote comparison. Instead, trustworthy companies will be willing to provide you with a line for line quote that’s comparable to your first one.

What to Expect for a Residential HVAC Visit

Are you hiring an HVAC company for ongoing maintenance for your heating and cooling system? Just because they come out to service your equipment doesn’t mean they have to be the company you stay with. Instead, you can use the first visit as another short interview.

It’s an opportunity for you to determine whether or not the company is as professional and courteous as you’d like. For instance, did the tech confirm their identity when they arrived at your home?

Did the tech arrive at the scheduled appointment time? If the technician isn’t driving a company vehicle, wearing a company uniform, and displaying a company ID badge; this is a red flag. A professional HVAC technician will be a proud representative of the company.

Anything less than a professional appearance could be a sign of the company cutting corners. For instance, they might be outsourcing their work to random technicians. You’ll want to hold out for a company that can provide you with a reliable technician for every visit.

Hiring a Professional HVAC Company

There you have it! Now you know the best tips and tricks for hiring a reputable HVAC company.

Finding an HVAC contractor you can trust will take a little bit of time. Get started now by calling HVAC companies that service your area.

If you’re not greeted with a warm hello, you should take your business elsewhere. After all, you deserve the best! If you’re ready to learn more ways to succeed as a homeowner, we’re here to help. Go ahead and read another one of our blog posts for more tips.