8 of the Best Violin Tuner Apps to Keep Your Instrument in Tune


Are you a violinist looking for a way to tune your instrument using your phone?

Whether you just bought your first violin or have been playing for decades, violin tuner apps offer a convenient way to keep your instrument in shape on the go.

But with many options to choose from, how can you know which is the best violin tuner app?

While the answer will ultimately come down to personal preference, this list of good violin tuner apps can get you started. Keep reading to discover eight of the top tuner for violin apps.

1. iStroboSoft Tuner (Android and iOS)

The first on our list of violin tuner apps is particularly intended for serious musicians. iStrobeSoft Tuner is an app designed by Peterson Tuner, a company that makes highly accurate strobe tuning devices.

While it may be a bit expensive for beginner musicians, it offers professional-grade features in a well-crafted interface.

2. Pano Tuner (Android and iOS)

Unlike our first recommendation, this chromatic tuner app for violin is free. Despite that, it comes with all the capabilities a new musician needs and more.

Besides letting you tune your instrument to any note you need, the app can also listen to any note and tell you the pitch being played.

3. Master Viola Tuner (Android and Windows)

For musicians who want to tune their instruments using their PC or tablet, Master Viola Tuner works on both Windows and Android devices.

Although intended for violists, it works just as well for players of other stringed instruments, including the violin.

4. Tuner gStrings (Android)

This Android-only application is another free option. Like other recommendations on this list, Tuner gStrings works for tuning multiple kinds of instruments, including the viola, cello, and guitar.

5. DaTuner (Android)

If other tuner apps aren’t meeting your expectations, DaTuner for Android might work for you. It has a unique user interface that’s specifically designed to be a simpler alternative to needlessly complex displays in other tuning apps.

6. Violin Tuner Tools (Android)

Our last Android-only option on this list, Violin Tuner Tools, is another free option you can try. It has several handy features, including a metronome and a sound generator with multiple settings.

7. Tuner by Piascore (iOS)

Currently only available for Apple devices, Tuner by Piascore is a chromatic tuner with a traditional wheel-and-needle interface. It also has a sound generator and other features built-in.

8. Tune This! Violin (iOS)

Last but not least, this iOS-only app is a minimalistic option for musicians who like to keep things simple. Although Tune This! Violin is free, its ads may annoy some users.

Download the Right Violin Tuner App for You Today

And there you have it: our top recommendations for violin tuner apps. No matter how long you’ve been playing the violin or whether you use an iPhone or Android device, one of these options should meet your needs.

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