Best DnD Presents to Surprise the Gamer in Your Life This Christmas


If you are holiday shopping for a Dungeons and Dragons fan, you are in luck because there is no shortage of great DnD present ideas. For simplicity’s sake, we have broken this guide to the best DnD presents for the gamer in your life into sections for different budgets.

So whether you are gifting your dungeon master or a whole adventuring party, this is the article for you.


Can you get a good DnD Christmas gift under $15? Yes! Here are a few:

A Dice Bag

Dice bags come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and themes. A nice dice bag is affordable and thoughtful.

A Screen

Screens, usually used by DMs but also suitable for players, are a 3-panel barrier. They contain important information on the side facing the player about actions, saving throws, conditions, and so on.


Here is the sweet spot. If you are on a budget but want to buy the nerd in your life something nice, think about:

A Pound of Dice

A dice set for DnD typically includes 7 different die, but that is not always enough. Sometimes players have to roll the same dice multiple times to calculate damage and it is tedious to roll a single d6 eight times! You can solve that problem by buying at least one pound of dice.

Spellbook Cards

One of the most annoying aspects of playing a spellcaster in DnD is keeping track of spells. Spellbook cards are roughly the same size as a regular deck of playing cards and contain the need-to-know info about spells like the name, description, casting time, components, and requirements.


Sometimes, the best present for DnD fans is a little pricey. For that special person in your life, consider these gifts:

A Combat Map

Games like Dungeons and Dragons rely a lot on imagination, so using props makes getting everyone on the same page much easier. A combat map allows a DM to draw out battle scenes, place minis, and relay other information effectively.


The official publishers of DnD have plenty of additional sourcebooks and materials for the 5th edition. They are typically priced at around $29.99+. Now is also a great time to support independent and small press publishers!


Ready to spend big bucks? Here are some big-ticket DnD gift ideas:

A Custom Miniature

Playing unique classes and races in DnD is fun, but it can be hard to find minis that represent the character. A gift card for a service like Hero’s Forge or commissioning a custom mini from an independent artist is a great way to go.

Buying DnD Presents Made Easy

If you are struggling with coming up with ideas for the gamer in your life, we hope this list of DnD presents makes your holiday shopping easier. Resourceful presents like dice, spellbook cards, or sourcebooks are always appreciated. Need more gift-giving inspiration?

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