List of Top 5 Alpha Level Mutants


In other words there are people who can do some truly unimaginable things with their powers. When it comes to these classes though it has taken us a long time to even get a definition for the new Omega class. Alpha classmen it originally appeared as a term in the comic was simply used to describe mutants who are considered to be the most powerful on earth. With Omega now existing alphas been redefined as meaning the second most powerful group of mutants. usually ones who are near unstoppable in battle can perform astounding feats using their powers and have no limitations holding them back in regards to their X G join me as we take a closer look at what alpha level mutants can really do.


Namor not only as the Submariner powerful in regards to the kingdom that he rules but he is also known for being a very powerful mutant. Powerful and proud he is so revered for his position and power that he was actually invited personally by Charles Xavier to join his family of fellow Moon. Sand Creek OA in house of acts but they were actually refused he didn’t see the mutants or Xavier as being self-aware enough to have earned him joining their cause. Namor is considered to also be highly unique in the mutant world due to his half Atlantean and half human heritage. Which resulted in him being born a mutant with an insane power set. The most mutant of his abilities though is likely his flight ability which can’t be explained by either side of his heritage. His other powers usually involve his underwater environment but they also include enhanced speed strength and endurance and while he may not look as tough as some of the other giant muscle-bound mutants. he can certainly hold his own in a fight this is a guy who has survived going toe-to-toe with the Hulk after all he’s even knocked the Hulk unconscious feeling more than once.


Rogue despite being considered one of the most powerful and being considered one of the most well-known mutants. And comic’s rope was actually once known as being not even alpha but beta level what changed forever. She’d gained control of her powers originally rogue was known as someone with an astounding level of power. But you couldn’t really control it and controls a big part of being considered alpha level because not being able to touch people is kind of a limitation when it comes to your life and you know your powers and rogues fear of touching peoples. sometimes down in the way of you know her living her life without control your power can basically be used against you as opposed to being used by you to empower you so but she’s alpha level now.


Tempus definitely has the potential to become an omega-level mutant because she is still so new and young and yet is already alpha level eva belle in dawn of x is known as being a member of the five. The five her group of mutants whose powers work together to help resurrect any fallen mutant. So any moon that dies can now be brought back to life making Eva one of the most celebrated and revered mutants on krakoa. You can watchonlinemovies on MovieHustle without any kind of hurdle. In fact mo the other members of the five are Omega level only tempest and gold balls are not and with more time in practice. It’s possible there will be nothing getting in the way of utilizing the full potential of her powers right now. The only thing in her way is her own inexperience IVA can control time using temporal spheres. she can manipulate time within bubbles and even send herself or others back or forward in time as a result.

Professor Xavier

Professor Xavier known as being one of the most powerful telepaths in the world and the leader of the x-men. It is surprising the Charles is not an omega-level mutant but no worries he is certainly at least alpha level. He is the ability to access the minds of everyone on the planet and he’s managed to hold his own in a fight against the Dark Phoenix. even momentarily incapacitating her number one apocalypse this is one I personally found shocking.


I mean I definitely thought that apocalypse was an omega-level I think that he maybe should be but for now he’s currently stuck on Alpha level apparently. The potential at least feels like it should be there for him to reach Omega level at least. However when it comes to alpha level or alpha class did you know that n7 er actually coined. The term sort of he used it in the Age of Apocalypse story out of the 90s to refer to mutants who he deemed the most powerful on planet earth those beings were called alpha class and included apocalypse himself. alpha would be considered the highest power level until the term Omega came around or more specifically until the term Omega was properly defined as being more powerful than alpha level as I believe the term Omega actually came out in the eighties.