What Are the Different Types of Podcasts?


According to the Pew Research Center, 41% of Americans 12 and older listen to a podcast at least once a month.

Do you listen to podcasts often? Or are you interested in learning more about them?

This guide will discuss some of the different types of podcasts. Continue reading to learn what they are. 

The Nonfiction Narrative Podcast

There are many kinds of podcast formats, one of the most popular is the nonfiction narrative. These podcasts are typically hosted by journalists or authors. 

They’re great at retelling true stories using audio clips and their own narration. The podcast This American Life is one of the most popular nonfiction narrative podcasts. Host Ira Glass spends the hour-long podcast narrating different real-life stories with sincerity and heart. 

Solo Podcast Format

Next on the list of podcast categories is the solo podcast. This monologue-style podcast is another popular form because it has one person delivering the story. 

These podcasts require charismatic hosts that relay the story or conversation with energy. Even with an interesting concept, your podcast won’t succeed if you don’t have the voice to match it.

While you’ll likely write a script before recording your podcast, you can’t sound like you’re reading off a paper. 

The Interview Style

Other popular kinds of podcasts include the interview style. This type of podcast might include one host interviewing a guest or multiple hosts and guests. 

In this kind of podcast, the host will usually center their interview on the lifework of the guest. They’ll guide the interview by asking a variety of questions to help the audience get to know the guest.  

Interviewing guests is a skill you have to learn. You have to let the guest do most of the talking while keeping them focused on the topic you’re discussing. 

The Conversational Podcast

A conversational podcast is one of the most interesting styles of podcasting. It requires two or more hosts to speak about a specific theme or topic.

These podcasts aren’t usually scripted. The hosts will often discuss current issues and give their opinions.

It feels like listening to a conversation among friends. It’s often heartfelt, funny, and full of great insight.  

The Fiction Podcast 

Other great podcast genres include fiction podcasts. These podcasts are audio shows with scripts, voice actors, and great sound design. 

When put together successfully, a fiction podcast will immerse you into the story without any visuals. Homecoming is one of the most popular fiction podcasts. The story is about a caseworker in an experimental mental health facility helping soldiers back into civilian life. 

No matter what kind of podcast you’re interested in creating, you’ll need to learn how to produce a podcast first. 

The Different Types of Podcasts Explained

There are many different types of podcasts to listen to or create. You might be interested in a more casual conversational podcast or creating a new world through fiction podcasting. 

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