What comes to mind when we hear powder room, is a room where women gather or use to put on make-up and also dress up. A powder room refers to a half bath or even or a guest bath. Powder rooms were quite popular in the prohibition era. It was a restroom facility for women, where women could freely drink and powder their nose as the name presumably. The name for the room stuck even though it is now often being used by guests; just a sink and toilet, without a shower or bath. A powder room is usually space with minimal square footage, so designing the space has to have a high-impact value.

You have to be very strategic when designing a powder room. The design can be contemporary, classic, or even whimsical, the end goal is for a design that captures a visitor’s or guests’ attention. You do not need to create a large space for the powder room, you can make use of the space under your stairs, go minimalist as possible, use wall attached sink and floating toilets. You need to spotlight some aspect of your general design when decorating or designing a powder room.


The use of natural light is essential when designing a small space like the powder room. You can add amazing light fixtures to your design. This makes the space look and feels more glamorous.


When planning for a powder room, organization is key. You can add storage to the half bath in the form of a pretty vanity. Take proper measurements of the space to determine what fits the space. you do not need to go overboard with creating storage without making the room cluttered and tight. A vanity or cabinet can hold paper towels, soaps, and other toiletries. You can also make use of space-saving floating shelves. A floating shelf adds character to a blank wall and allows you the freedom to quickly change up your wall art. Add small size framed prints or pictures and favorite accessories along the shelf.


You can make use of pretty patterned wallpaper. Considering how expensive wallpapers can be, you do not need to do all your wall but some parts of them. Make use of patterns that accentuates the color of the wall. This is also a good contrast in the design. Add an abstract floor pattern with whimsical wallpaper but with both in the same color family.


Add a partial wall for privacy. When you partition the wall, it does not only give you privacy but also makes the space feel larger and dynamic. Also due to the multipurpose use of the powder room, it is essential to have some form of privacy.


There are different ways and ideas that you can design your powder room. Ranging from rusty to sophisticated and classy look, you have so many ideas to choose from. You can go for the minimalism design idea mixed with a touch of modern style. You can also go for grey sophistication and a luxurious look.


The use of tiles should be included when designing a powder room. You can make your powder room stand out when you use tiles for your wall. You do not have to do the entire wall but just half so it will not be overwhelming. Tiles add a pop of color and contrast to the general design. Mirror subway tiles are a major way of add flash and shine, this will add a sense of opulence, class, and trend.


You can go all out with your desired color, by creating a whimsical jeweled look. You can be as bold as you can when it comes to color. The right color will make your powder room go from “just ok” to simply amazing.


Make use of natural elements in the design. You can use natural elements to give your design a perfect finish. Cool bamboo walls, bare wood floors, and live plants all add an alluring look to the design. Make use of marble design walls, stone tops, and glass vessels. There are a lot of easy craft ideas for your home decor that you can use to add a touch of simplicity yet elegant hue to your space.

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