Conference Questions: How Big of a Conference Table Do I Need?


Are you one of the 70% of employers looking to get back into the office? The work from home craze, while necessary, comes with its own series of complications.

Having a designated in-person meeting space is essential for many businesses. And the most important piece of a conference room is a conference table.

We’ll cover what you need to know to ensure the conference room table you purchase meets your every need.

Determine Your Conference Room Size

While most conference rooms are similar, few are perfectly alike. Thus the first and most important factor in determining your conference table is how large is the room that encapsulates it.

A 10′ by 12′ foot room should have a conference room table no larger than 36″ by 60″ (3’x5′). This is a modestly sized table and is akin to a traditional dining room table. Expect four to five people to sit around the table comfortably.

Larger spaces allow for larger tables, with the most important factor being the length of the room. Most conference tables span longer, rather than wider.

Conference table chairs are larger and more luxurious than normal chairs, hence why in the detailed list below, you’ll see a minimum room size and the optimal room size, to account for the chairs and extra breathing room.

Determine How Many People

If you’re a company of less than ten, with customers and or employees rarely entering the conference room, it’s likely you won’t need a large conference table or even a large conference room.

The larger your company, the more people will need to use the room. And thus, the larger the executive conference table you’ll need.

Examples of Minimum Room Size/Optimal Room Size/Table Size/# People

When you’re selecting a conference table, you need to be sure that it’s the right size. Here’s an ideal list of some example sizes based on the measurements of the room you plan to put it in:

  • 12 FT by 9 FT / 14 FT by 11 FT / 6 FT by 3 FT (72″ by 36″) / 6 People
  • 16 FT by 10 FT / 18 FT by 12 FT / 10 FT by 4 FT (120″x48″) / 8-10 People
  • 18 FT by 10 FT / 20 FT by 12 FT / 12 FT by 4 FT (144″x48″) / 10-12 People
  • 22 FT by 10 FT / 24 FT by 12 FT / 16 FT by 4 FT (192″x48″) / 12-14 People
  • 24 FT by 10 FT / 26 FT by 12 FT / 18 FT by 4 FT (216″x48″) / 14-16 People
  • 30 FT by 10 FT / 32 FT by 12 FT / 24 FT by 4 FT (288″x48″) / 20+ People

Conference Table Shapes

Above, the conference tables are elongated and expected to be rectangular in shape. That doesn’t mean these are all that’s available.

Perhaps you wish for something like the Knights of the Round Table. There are round conference room tables specifically for this. Square tables are also options.

To fit these wider tables you’ll need a wider room. The trade-off is they don’t need to be as long.

A Conference Room Table Is an Investment

Consider the long-term investment of a conference table. If your company is on the smaller side, looking for conference tables for sale may be a good start.

However, if you’re team’s growing fast, a larger table can provide an excellent space for your teams and the meetings that occur at your business. Search depending on your population and room size and you’re sure to find something great.

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