Phone Validator: How Does Phone Validation Work (And Why Is It Important?)


Do you run a business? Do you communicate with your customers by phone? Do you know what a phone validator is and why it’s an essential business tool in 2021 and beyond?

Phone number validation is the best way to keep your information safe and your business running smoothly.

If you don’t know what a phone validator is yet, don’t worry. Just keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

The Rising Threat of Cybercrime

It’s easy to recognize a scam phone caller. They make outlandish claims, poorly impersonate government agencies, and often make use of robotic voices. You couldn’t get fooled by a scammer, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple anymore. 170 million people were hit by cyberattacks in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic forced a transition to remote work for many companies, which means that lots of new information moved into cloud-based storage.

This has led to an uptick in cybercrime, and scammers of all kinds are getting smarter. Phone scammers have updated their scripts and hackers have sharpened their codes.

Now more than ever, you need to build up your defenses against cyberattacks; this means better encryption, secure data storage, and phone validation.

What Is a Cell Phone Validator?

A cell phone validator is a service that verifies the legitimacy of a customer. A validator allows you to verify someone’s identity by making sure that they have a legitimate, working phone number.

This phone number can also serve as a way of following up with someone if something seems fishy about them later.

If you frequently communicate with your customers online, you will need to verify their identities anyway; especially if you receive credit card numbers or other confidential information during these calls.

It is quick and easy to set up phone verification on your company’s website using Google form phone number verification!

Why Do You Need a Cell Phone Validator?

Cell phone validators significantly cut down on scam traffic to your website. It’s quite easy for scammers to make fake email accounts, but it’s much harder to fool phone number verification online.

Most scammers won’t go to the trouble of purchasing a burner phone in order to get through your phone number validation protocol. For the most part, scamming is all about quick, low-cost scores.

It’s worth noting that cell phone validators aren’t just for scam protection. You can use your cell phone validator to allow your customers to easily log in to your site.

Once you’ve validated someone’s phone number, you can also enter it into your database and send them updates on the orders they’ve placed with you.

Stay Secure With Phone Number Validation

Now that you know all about the essential service performed by a phone validator, don’t wait to find the right service for your business. Never be tricked by a fake scam customer again!

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