Expert- Approved Tips for Finding the Right Dance Shoes


Every dancer needs the right kind of shoes to dance comfortably. While it is possible to dance wearing your regular street shoes, it would make it easier for you to move to the dance floor using the appropriate footwear. If you opt to wear your street shoes, the rubber sole that usually comes with it tends to remain on the wooden floor. As a result, turning and stepping can become a problem. For this reason, you need to invest in the right pair of dance shoes. The purpose of this investment is to let you move while doing your dance routines. 

If you are buying a pair of dance shoes for the first time, here are several guidelines that you need to remember. 

Pick The Right Size 

One of the most important factors when shopping for dance shoes is the size of your feet. If you get shoes that are too small or too tight for your feet, you may feel uncomfortable while doing your dance performance. It will also stop you from moving gracefully all over the dance floor. Meanwhile, dance shoes that are too big for you can also harm your dance movements. If you wear this type of shoes, your actions will become unsteady and shaky. As much as possible, you need to pick a pair of shoes that are a bit tighter than those that you usually wear so you can break into them every time you dance wearing it. 

Consider The Material Used 

There are different types of materials used in making dance shoes nowadays. But these materials do not share the same function. Shoes made using satin fabric are more adaptable since they tend to fit and conform well to the general shape of your feet. Meanwhile, leather-made dance shoes are stretchier and more breathable, which makes it more comfortable to wear for long hours. However, vegan or man-made leather can only stretch a little, but you can break into them after several uses. It means that they can feel less stiff after using it several times. 

Decide Whether You Want An Open-Toe Or Closed-Toe Model

Aside from their style, open-toe and closed-toe dance shoes vary in function as well. The open-toe variety allows you to point your feet better and manage to come up with articulated dance movements. Meanwhile, shoes that come with a closed-toe design can help you come up with smoother execution. The latter option is also perfect to use in dances like swim, salsa, and rumba. On the other hand, the closed-toe varieties are best for foxtrot and waltz.  

Think About Your Budget

Most beginner dancers have no idea how much they need to spend on a high-quality pair of dance shoes. Ideally, you must get ready to shell out at least $150 to $200 for a decent pair of leather shoes while you can find entry-level ballet shoes for at least $30. But if you are willing to pay more for something that you can wear for years to come, you need to allocate a significant amount of money for the best type of dancing footwear. 

Buying dance shoes does not have to be a challenging task. You only need to learn the basics to help you gauge your options. Remember, dancing requires a lot of foot movements. So make sure that you know how to invest in the right dancing footwear to make the most out of your purchase.