5 Best Apps to Edit Photos on Instagram – [2020]


Are you tired of your Instagram photos not generating the effect you want? Then you should know that you can use some apps available on the web to edit your photos and give them an extra touch, looking like taken by a professional. You dare? Remember that you should always help yourself with the odd tool so that all your content is perfect.

Whether you love taking photos of your pets, your dishes and recipes, or yourself, there is a specific editing app that can make your photos look amazing on Instagram. 

Get to know some of the most popular apps to edit photos currently:


For those who are unsure about taking portrait-type photos, they can rest easy. From now on they can correct any defect in the face that makes their appearance appear in the photo with Facetune.

This editing app is created precisely to eliminate any scar, pimple or imperfection that bothers you. There is no doubt that you will be as portrayed by Mario Testino and your image will look impeccable in your Instagram feed .


With Prisma it is possible that you turn a simple photograph into a true work of art or give it a cartoonish touch that amazes the rest. Filters developed by this application work to dramatically nuance or enhance colors.

Do you love Monet’s landscapes? You just have to photograph the lake and apply some of the Prisma filters, it will look exactly like one of the great artist’s paintings. Dare to go further with your content on Instagram.


If you are a gastronomic fanatic and you like to portray the different dishes and preparations that you taste, you can try Foodie. Its application is precisely designed to highlight each of the ingredients and their colors on each plate.

Foodie’s filters make each recipe look even more appetizing than it already can be. Start a gastronomic route and venture to leave proof of everything you eat, Foodie will make sure it looks perfect for Instagram.


Over is a rather ingenious app that aims to offer a wide palette of tools for you to edit your photos. With this application, you can change the backgrounds, create invitations, brochures and a long list of formats to post on Instagram and on any social network.

You have hundreds of fonts, sizes and colors so that the text stands out on the photographs and they look like an advertisement. You can do whatever you want with Over, its functions are always useful for any post.


Finally there is Snapseed, which is considered the most complete and efficient app among the different options available, according to users. It has been developed by Google thinking about those who want to show their everyday photos in a professional way.

Through its tools it is possible to adjust the different shades of white, light and even automatically correct some imperfections. And you can choose between the type of manual correction or filters predetermined by Snapseed. Quite a wonder.

You no longer have excuses for not showing some really amazing photos on your Instagram. It is up to you to choose the best editor to help you in this task.

Final Thought:

These 5 awesome apps can help you succeed on Instagram. Content is king. Creating good content that may be liked by your audience will also help you to get real Instagram followers. Instagram users like good and high-quality content.