Take Campsite Cooking to the Next Level


Let’s be honest, it’s always nice to get away, isn’t it? Taking the time to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors while relaxing with family and friends is a great way to disconnect from the daily grind.

While you may be in camp to unwind, that’s no reason to miss out on a delicious meal. Campsite cooking and outdoor cooking can be a fun, rewarding, and relaxed experience, even for the more inexperienced chef.

Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect outdoor meal for you and your friends and family.

Pack the Right Camping Necessities

Make sure you pack all the necessary camping cooking supplies before your next trip. Assuming you’ll be cooking over a campfire, you’ll need a good supply of wood. It’s also helpful to bring along some kindling and matches or a lighter.

If you’re planning to cook on a portable stove, make sure you have enough fuel. Of course, you’ll also need to pack food and beverages. So stock up on your favorite meats, vegetables, spices, sauces, and of course your marshmallows.

And who would want to miss cutting their meat and the rest of their ingredients? Make sure to bring your overland knife.

Learn Cooking Over a Fire

There’s something about cooking over a fire that just feels primal and makes the food taste that much better. If you’re used to cooking over a camp stove, then you’re missing out.

Cooking over a fire is a bit different than your typical kitchen cooking, but it’s not difficult to learn.

Start with a good fire and know you’ll need a hot, consistent fire to cook over. If you’re using wood, make sure it’s well-seasoned so it doesn’t smoke too much. If you’re using charcoal, light it in a chimney starter and let it burn until it’s covered in white ash.

Choose the right tools because you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to cook over a fire. A good grill grate is essential, and you’ll also need tongs, a spatula, and a few other basic kitchen tools.

Have a Good Camp Food to Cook List

If you want to take your campsite cooking to the next level, you need to have a good camp food to-cook list. This will help you plan and make sure you have everything you need to make some great meals.

You can’t go wrong with a good steak. Just grill it up over the fire and enjoy.

Hamburgers are another classic camp food. You can make them as simple or as fancy as you want. Don’t forget the hotdogs, an old standby that everyone loves.

Finally the S’mores! No campfire is complete without these classic desserts.

Have Fun With Campsite Cooking

Campsite cooking can be a fun and challenging way to level up your skills. Consider the weather and how that will affect your cooking.

You’ll need to make sure you have the right gear for the type of food you want to cook. You’ll need to be prepared for anything, including unexpected visitors.

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