Top alternative of Best wedding cakes


So you decided to get married and even after tasting 10 types of chocolate cakes chocolate, double chocolate, Choco Chip, mocha chocolate, fudge chocolate but you are not satisfied and you need something very different and amazing for your wedding. 

Brides can be a sensitive creature when it comes to their reading and especially when they do not have a perfect cake after every bride and groom wants to stand out on their wedding day.

It’s very much important to have a certain the different flavors of the cake that nobody has ever tasted before or they hardly place them in a wedding it’s not only going to be great a statement but also something that people wouldn’t forget and fact this cake can be made in bulk and after the cake cutting ceremony, people can be given the leftover cake as a wedding giveaway. 

Or if you really want to make another great statement with your cake at your wedding then the best thing is to send a very small sample of this cake with your wedding invite and send flowers to Bangalore or any other city where ever your guests are residing and get their opinion on which flavor did they like the most. To find the alternative cakes below –

1) A Cookie Dough Cake 

We all know that this is becoming a great sensation in London. But now it’s spreading to the whole world because you believe it or not we all love eating the raw dough while we make cookies. The cake is another great sensational and really yummy cake for your wedding and it’s a great alternative cake to the usual flavors like Black Forest Chocolate vanilla, mint, etc. Online cake and flower delivery in India are very easily available and so is in any other country so you can order this cake online and that too in bulk a larger portion for your wedding and several smaller versions to give your guests as a wedding giveaway.

2) A Pie Cake

Have you ever thought that a pie cake could be an amazing alternative to a wedding cake especially a traditional wedding cake that you were about to use? A pie cake will have a completely different flavor to offer your guests. Pie cakes especially appeal to your sweet tooth. Their flavors range from lemon, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, cherries, banoffee, coffee, chocolate, etc. You have two ways to cut the pie cake you can either get a large one baked and as your wedding cake and the same be served to your guests or you can have a large cake for yourself and the several smaller pie cakes for all your guests to choose their favorite flavor. And as your guests are about to leave after your wedding you can have a Chocolate bouquet delivery in Bangalore or any city and get this bouquet placed near the exit door so that they can take a few trees as they go home. 

3) A Cheesecake to tempt your guests 

Cheesecake is one of the best alternatives to all other bread and sponge cakes that you tried but thought of them as not really good enough for your wedding or they have been used by so many couples at their wedding. Choosing a cheesecake depends on you and after all, if you have a really sweet truth than the cheesecakes will definitely appeal to it and the variations in flavors are too. As many as you want such as chocolate, caramel, coffee, grape,  raspberries, cranberry, strawberry, cherries, mango, orange, lemon, etc. Nowadays there is double layer cheesecake with two different flavors too. So you can get a really large cheesecake made for your wedding that you can cut as your wedding cake and then have a few smaller versions of the cheesecake prepared for the guests as a giveaway. And an online cake delivery in India is very easily available so you can order them in bulk. Plus even at the wedding you can have them in different flavors for the guests and serve them with different flowers. 

4) Cupcakes 

For all the favorite things in this world, there is one thing that all of us like to enjoy especially when we are alone or watching a movie and that is a cupcake. Wedding cake for your wedding would be a cupcake and actually, you can get a really large one way from a bakery. Online cake and flower delivery in India is very easily available so you can order cupcakes according to your taste and flowers for decorating the venue of your wedding hall or garden or maybe just to decorate the table. Cupcakes can also be given as a really nice giveaway to all of your guests. 

5) Cookie Cake 

We’re not talking about the typical cookie dough cakes but actually, cookies showered with your favorite glaze or icing to make a cake. Cookies can be placed one over each other in a compact setting so that it is easy for you to cut when it’s time for cake cutting or maybe you can just pick up cooking and feed each other. The best thing about these cookies is that they make up for a really extraordinary cake and dessert at your wedding and if you want to give away something to your guests, then cookies of different flavor would definitely be a great option. So as your guests are scheduled to arrive you can send flowers to Bangalore or any other city with the invites and cupcakes too as the theme of your wedding. 

6) Donuts Cake 

Donuts are no doubt everybody’s favorite and we don’t have to divide a generation for eating doughnuts all the generations love eating them. So how about it your wedding you have a really different kind of cake and that is a doughnut cake. This cake can actually have all the doughnuts arranged one over the other in the shape that you like and can be covered in the glaze like how you prefer it could be white, pink,  chocolate, orange, yellow, lime, etc. Also, you can give this doughnut as a giveaway to your guests and an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city are very easily available so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking for doughnuts cake from one bakery to another.