Rakia – The favorite drink of the Bulgarians


The Bulgarian table would never be the same without the legendary drink – rakia, which is typical of the region. It is inseparably there, from weekdays to holidays – on happy and sad occasions. The Bulgarian market offers a wide variety of different rakias, but a large part of the population is relying on domestic ones. 

However, for many years now the law has laid down strict restrictions related to its production, however, in almost every Bulgarian village home-made rakia is made from grapes, plums, apricots and whatever fruits you can remember! In order to produce truly quality rakia and to be appreciated is a true art that not everyone can master. 

For the first time in our lands, rakia was found in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It is produced by the method of distillation of fermented fruits, boiled in a kettle. The way the alcoholic beverage has been prepared has not changed much from the past to the present day. 

An interesting fact is that in many families the “secret” of good rakia is passed down from generation to generation. This is important, but of great importance is the good material to get a quality end product.

The most special drink for the Bulgarian certainly deserves a quality addition to it, which will make it even more irresistible.

First of all, let’s put the salad, which is a rakia’s companion – whether it will be a shopska, snowflake or green salad with radishes, it doesn’t matter! The perfect end to the day, namely a fresh salad with brandy.

We can’t forget about the other companion of the rakia! Salami, onion, fillet, sudjuk or sausage – everything from meat is perfect to complement the rakia. One of the best options is Elena fillet, which you can find here.

The marinated cabbage is a very preferred appetizer for Bulgarian brandy during the winter season. An interesting fact is that it is not only suitable for her but also for red wine. A little oil, red pepper, and the magic works!

If you haven’t tried pickle with rakia, then you’ve missed a lot. Bulgarian pickle is a specialty that is perfectly associated with the taste of rakia. Marinated vegetables with a grape rakia!

An appropriate appetizer for brandy is also bacon, cut into thin strips, naturally salted and seasoned. Fried pieces of bacon are called “stews”, which is also a good addition to the Bulgarian drink.

Lutenitsa! Whatever you may not believe, this gut is extremely popular in Bulgaria and is well suited to an anise drink. Of course, lutenica can be garnished with nice Bulgarian crushed cheese, and thus you will get the most out of the traditions.

We’ll show you some tricks when serving rakia. In Bulgaria, it is consumed in all seasons. Served at the table in a bottle or small glass jar, then poured into the glasses to 2/3 of their volume. They are preferably made of colorless glass.

In addition to the cold, the brandy can be served in another way during the winter. The heated version is also served in clay cups that can withstand and maintain its temperature. The heated rakia, it is sweetened with honey or sugar, and some even put peppercorns to give it a more peppery taste… A matter of personal choice and you can experiment!

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