3 Telling Signs of Anorexia


Around 24 million people in the country suffer from an eating disorder.

What is anorexia? Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder, which causes people to become obsessed with their weight and what they eat.

This is not to be confused with bulimia nervosa. Bulimia causes people to become obsessed with the idea of losing weight, which forces them to consume a large amount of food before feeling guilty or ashamed of themselves for doing so.

Knowing the signs of anorexia is important for getting the necessary help. When you know how to tell when someone or yourself is struggling with anorexia, you can then take the right steps to find the right treatment. In the guide below, you’ll discover several signs of anorexia you shouldn’t ignore!

1. Dramatic Decrease in Weight

You have a friend who’s been recently talking about their weight and wanting to decrease it. This at first isn’t something that should send a warning signal to your brain. However, once this person becomes obsessed with losing weight and what they eat, that’s when you want to start paying close attention to them.

Healthy weight loss is something that happens over time. An individual should exercise regularly while eating full, healthy meals throughout the day. A sudden dramatic decrease in weight and unhealthy eating habits are signs that anorexia might be taking over.

2. Making Excuses to Avoid Eating

Have you noticed that your friend makes regular excuses not to eat? Each time you invite your friend for brunch or lunch, they always have an excuse why they can’t make it. It doesn’t stop there though.

Even when you’re together if you stop to grab a snack or want to hit the drive-thru for a quick coffee, they don’t engage. You can’t remember the last time you saw them actually sit down and eat a meal. Try to pick up on these constant excuses why they can’t or don’t need to eat as this could be a sign of anorexia.

3. Regular Stomach Cramps

Not all stomach cramps are a warning sign that anorexia has taken place. Constipation, acid reflex, and menstrual cycles can cause stomach cramps. However, failing to eat enough food can also cause stomach cramps as the body begins to grow in hunger.

If you’ve noticed some of the other signs of anorexia and now hear your friend complaining about stomach cramps, then you know there’s a good possibility they’re suffering from this eating disorder. You can then begin looking into the eating disorder treatment stages and how to begin the process for yourself or your friend.

Know the Signs of Anorexia to Combat It Today

When you take the time to research the common signs of anorexia, you can catch it in the early stages and combat it before the symptoms get worse. Use all of the information given in this guide above to help you recognize the signs and symptoms to seek the best early treatment possible.

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