5 Back Surgery Recovery Tips for Any Age


Did you know that half a million Americans undergo back surgery each year?

If you’re one of them, chances are you’ll need to spend some time recovering at home. And, if you’re wondering about how to recover from back surgery, read on.

Because here is a list of 5 simple surgery recovery tips that can help speed up your back surgery recovery and make it easier on your body.

1. Follow Doctor’s Orders for Back Surgery Recovery

The best way to recover from back surgery is to make sure you follow all the doctor’s instructions to the letter. That includes taking prescribed pain medication as directed.

Even if you disagree with your doctor on something or you find it uncomfortable. Remember anything the doctor says is a vital part of the healing process.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

It goes without saying that the first thing you need after an operation is rest. By resting, you’re allowing your body to heal as fast as possible. So, make sure you’re resting in a comfortable position.

Time is also a valuable commodity when resting. Your body needs time to recover from any kind of injury or illness.

The same applies to back surgeries. You may feel like you recovered right away, but your back won’t heal until after 3 months.

That’s why it’s important to let your body start healing. It will take longer than you think, but your body heals itself. As long as you don’t put more stress on it by doing strenuous activities, your body should recover fine.

3. Don’t Strain Yourself

While it’s true that exercise helps you lose weight, it also makes you prone to injuries. That’s because exercising puts extra strain on your body. After all, your muscles work hard to pull you around whenever you move.

Try not to overdo physical activity and avoid pushing yourself too far. Instead, do light exercises that strengthen your core and help build new bone tissues. Also, get regular massages to ease soreness.

4. Keep Your Body Clean

Keeping your body clean is essential for helping it heal in the right way. Dirty skin is harder to treat, and it’s easy to become infected. When you shower or bathe, try to use soap only to wash areas where dirt accumulates.

Try a handheld shower that will relieve any stress you have to put on your back getting in and out of the bath. Click for more information here.

And make sure you’re taking correct precautions to look after any scar tissue. This includes things such as moisturizing and correct water temperature. Your doctor will tell you what’s best for your situation.

5. Eat the Right Foods

After having back surgery, it’s crucial to eat healthily and drink enough water. If you’ve had surgery, you’ll have restrictions on how much food you can have.

So you might want to focus on the foods that will fill you up for the day.
These include high-protein snacks which can stimulate muscle growth. Other nutrients you should consume are fiber, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Look After Yourself

For those wondering how to recover from surgery at home, you should always pay attention to your body and ask questions. Especially if you’re unsure about anything that might affect your recovery.

Take note of everything the doctors say about your back surgery recovery. Listen with care to their advice. Make sure you keep all appointments and finish the treatment plan as soon as possible.

For more top advice that’ll get you back in action like our surgery recovery guide here, keep reading and see what else you can find!