Health Watch: How to Keep Employees Safe During a Pandemic


The novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2, better known as COVID-19, has affected over 56 million people according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making it one of the most infectious pandemics known to mankind.

While things have certainly improved since the widespread availability of vaccines, many are still hesitant to return to the office. So what can you, as an employer, do to keep your employees safe, productive, and confident in your company’s dedication to safety?

Read our health watch update below for the latest tips on keeping your employees out of harm’s way during this difficult time!

Check and Follow CDC Guidelines

COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. As soon as scientists grasp the current variant, another one pops up. Suffice to say, this can make keeping up with the latest information quite difficult.

Your best source of information is to go directly to the CDC website’s COVID-19 hub. They have a great list of workplace-specific tips to help you reopen, plus you can keep an eye on the newest trends and variants.

By staying informed, you’ll be able to make more well-informed decisions that have a positive impact on employee safety.

Give Your Workspace an Upgrade

The hardest part of returning to the office is just how much renovation you’ll need to do to follow the latest suggestions from medical experts.

For starters, you’ll have to greatly improve your building’s airflow. COVID-19 spreads through droplets that travel through the air, making recycled air a serious pandemic safety hazard. Upgrade your HVAC system to include stronger filters as well as better circulation that takes in more air from the outside.

You’ll need to rethink your office cleaning protocol, too. Because COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for up to three days, cleaning must be thorough.

Consider outsourcing your cleaning tasks to an agency like Do It Right Cleaning, which has experience with both office spaces and the medical field. They’ll have access to high-grade cleaning supplies that eradicate lingering germs and can keep an office environment tidy and accessible so it won’t disrupt your employees.

Finally, make sure that employees stay six feet apart at all times. This includes when your employees are at their workspaces, such as desks and meeting areas. Though it may disrupt your workflow a bit, proper social distancing can greatly decrease the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Employees should also wear masks at all times when indoors.

Offer Remote Opportunities

The pandemic showed us that many companies can offer greater work environment flexibility. Keeping a set number of people in the office at a given time is a good way to minimize the risk of infection, while the rest of your team can work from home.

One popular option is to allow employees to work remotely for two or three days per week.

Meet with your management team and discuss what remote work could look like for your business.

Health Watch: Keeping Your Employees Safe and Your Business Running Smooth

Employee health matters more than anything. Following these tips and checking with the CDC every week should keep your business running at a pre-pandemic capacity.

And remember, not every company needs office space. If you can save money without sacrificing productivity, you owe it to yourself and your team to at least explore the option of remote work.

Make sure to check back with our site for the latest health watch news as we cover this ever-evolving issue!