What Are the Do’s and Don’ts Before Gynecomastia Surgery?

Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Gynecomastia Surgery

Hormonal imbalances sometimes lead to developing a loose and sizeable male chest. This condition is referred to as gynecomastia, caused by the swelling of male breast tissues. While frequent exercise over a period can minimize it, one must wait for the results to appear organically to achieve a chiseled figure. Gynecomastia surgery is the best option if you want to see results quickly. If you are planning to treat this condition, you can find several top plastic surgery clinics that provide gynecomastia treatment in Hyderabad. Follow the below gynecomastia surgery guide to prepare for the surgery.

Do’s Before the Surgery

While preparing for surgery, you can follow several tips to ensure that your procedure and recovery go smoothly. Complications during and after surgery may come from improper preparation in the days leading up to the surgery. Take the following actions to guarantee the best experience:

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol has blood-thinning characteristics, which can make your surgery much more difficult. Your blood can clot to prevent excessive bleeding, and it must be done for you during the procedure. Alcohol can interfere with this process. It is better to stop consuming alcohol for at least a week before male chest reduction surgery.

  1. Complete all the lab work

You might also be required to perform all blood tests before surgery so that your surgeon can discover any potential issues that could complicate the treatment. Mammograms, electrocardiograms (EKGs), and other medical clearances are included in these lab tests.

  1. Discuss any medications you’re taking

Assume you’re taking different meds other than the ones your surgeon recommended. In that instance, you should tell them and provide a list of your medications, including insulin, vitamins, medicines, and other supplements. Your surgeon will be able to give suggestions based on this information.

  1. Shave your arms and chest completely

Incisions for male breast reduction surgery will be made in your chest and arm areas. So gynecomastia treatment may require hair removal all over the treatment area.

Don’ts Before the Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery, like any other type of surgery, requires extensive preparation on the patient’s behalf. Poor preparation might raise the risk of complications. Here are things that you shouldn’t do for successful gynecomastia surgery.

  1. Do not eat or drink hours before surgery

Before your male chest fat reduction surgery, the doctor will tell you a time window during which you must abstain from eating and drinking. This is to ensure that the anesthetic, which does not mix well with the contents of your stomach, does not cause difficulties. If you follow these points, you will have a pain-free recovery.

  1. Do not apply any deodorant or body spray

You should shower or wash the night before the procedure but refrain from using any deodorant or body sprays. These items may leave a chemical residue on your skin.

  1. Do not take aspirin

You should not take any medications in the days leading up to your surgery, especially aspirin-related medications. These drugs, like alcohol, contain blood thinners that can cause rapid blood clotting, raising the risk of skin bruising and bleeding.

  1. Do not smoke

Smoking of any form is not recommended before surgery since it can aggravate your respiratory condition. As you recuperate from surgery, you’ll need robust, healthy lung function.


Gynecomastia is a typical adolescent affliction that goes away with time. If the swollen tissue in the breasts does not go away with time, minimally invasive surgical alternatives like gynecomastia surgery are available. The patient and the treating physician must determine which path to take.