5 Common Signs You Should Install New Windows


Did you know getting new windows installed can give you an 81% return on investment when you sell your house?

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, replacing your windows can bring you many different benefits. When should you replace your windows, though? Thankfully, there are common signs you can look for that will help you tell when it’s time to install new windows.

Continue reading to learn what these signs are so you know when it’s time to replace your residential windows!

1. High Energy Bills

If your windows are in bad shape, they’ll let air into your home. This can make your air conditioning units work overtime to keep your home cool during the summer. In the winter, you might find yourself turning up your furnace to keep it nice and toasty inside.

Because of this, you’ll likely see higher energy bills than expected. This is why replacing windows is so important. It will save you money in the long run.

2. More Noise

There are many different kinds of windows, but all are designed to keep out sound to some extent. So if you suddenly notice more noises filtering inside your home, it could be time for replacement windows.

Check out The Glass Guru locations to see if there’s one near you so you can get your windows taken care of and enjoy peace and quiet once again.

3. Noticing Condensation

Do your glass windows tend to fog up? If you notice fog, water droplets, or other condensation in the inside panes of the windows, there’s a problem. Typically this means the seals have a problem and are letting moisture in.

This can lead to mold problems, so getting things checked out right away is essential to avoid further damage.

4. Problems Opening or Closing

It’s possible your windows weren’t installed correctly in the first place. For example, if things weren’t aligned or balanced correctly, or the wrong sized windows were used, you’ll notice this issue.

Opening and closing your windows should be easy. If it requires too much effort, have someone come look at them.

5. Drafts

If you notice drafts when you’re near the windows, this is one of the easiest ways to tell something is off. The seals could be damaged, or there could be small cracks that aren’t readily noticeable.

Drafts can result in an increase in your energy bills and general discomfort as you notice random bursts of cool air come through.

Install New Windows Now to Reap the Benefits

When people think of improving their home, taking the time to install new windows isn’t often at the top of their list. But it should be.

If you’re noticing any of the issues mentioned here or would like to increase the value of your home with a straightforward change, getting new windows is crucial. You’ll undoubtedly notice the difference right away!

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