5 Home Office Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Over 4 million people are working from home in the United States. 18% of them do it full-time. And as these numbers continue to rise, having a functioning home office is crucial.

But not everyone can create their dream workspace that rivals their Pinterest boards. Pretty doesn’t always mean functional. The wrong decor can end up causing even more distractions.

You need a home office setup that’ll ensure productivity.

Before you pin more inspiration, know what home office features that will do you a disservice.

Scroll below to see the 5 most common home office design mistakes and how to avoid them!

1. Picking a Dedicated Space

As luxurious as working from home can be, having your bedroom as an office isn’t practical. Any area in the home that gets a lot of traffic is also a no-go.

There’s no need to try any crazy DIY flip project if you haven’t got the time. Try using any unused areas or places you don’t use that often. The goal is to work in a space that poses as little distraction as possible.

2. Choosing the Wrong Chair

Taking one of the extra dining room or kitchen chairs to use for your office may seem convenient at first. But 30 minutes into your 8 hour day, your backs going to be begging you for mercy.

Your home office budget should include money for a proper chair. And your neck, back, and shoulders will thank you!

3. Not Letting the Light In

Staring at a screen for hours on hand already strains your eyes. Don’t make it worse by not having an adequate light source in your home office. Consider using Led bulbs in any ceiling fixtures or table lamps you put in your office.

If possible, the best option is to choose a home office space with a window for natural lighting. And if you have the space, you can even more your office outdoors! You can read this article to learn about the benefits of outdoor offices.

4. Forgetting to Declutter

Unorganized office space can make you feel unmotivated. And we’re not talking about paper files and office supplies. Too many home office decorations can be just as distracting.

Keep your desk clean by having a designated space for files, books, and other work materials. You can also invest in cable organizers to avoid a tangled mess of chords.

5. Not Planning for Storage

A downside to having a home office is all that paperwork now has to find a place in your home. It’s not the prettiest of home office features, but a filing cabinet is a wonderful investment.

Don’t have the space? Consider using plastic filing boxes or a file organizer for your desk.

These Home Office Design Mistakes Are Easy to Avoid

Finding a balance between professional and personal life while working from home is challenging. Don’t let the stress of creating the perfect home office setup keep it from being functional.

Avoid making home office design mistakes and watch your productivity improve!

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