5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles for Your Remodel


The average bathroom remodeling job can cost anywhere between $6,610 and $16,623. Because of this high price, it’s important that you do your research and conduct the best possible renovations.

Choosing bathroom tiles that make your space unique is important for success. Here, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can choose bathroom tile colors, styles, and more. Read on for some bathroom tile ideas that will have you satisfied!

1. Think About Your Other Decor

Your other appliances and decor are the first thing to consider when selecting what bathroom remodel trends to hop on. If you plan to keep your existing bathtub and sinks, you need to get something that looks good with them. If not, you’ll need to find something that matches the new appliances and fixtures that you pick out.

Current bathroom trends lean towards contemporary designs. These decor schemes highlight metal appliances, sharp clean edges, and geometric shapes. This means that you’ll need more geometric tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces.

Small square or honeycomb tiles are a great classic choice. However, you may also like tiny tiles shaped like small Z’s or rhombuses. These are awesome ways to put a fresh spin on a modern staple.

Because vintage styles are coming back lately, you also may be interested in renovating your bathroom (and other areas of your home) in a mid-century manner. Your new bathroom fixtures could be pale pink or light yellow while floors showcase checkerboard patterns. White and red is a classic combination, but you could also try blue and white or a teal/black duo.

2. Match Your Backsplash

If you’re getting new bathroom tiles, you need to get new backsplash tiles as well. This is non-negotiable if you want your room to match.

Even if you think that you’re matching your pre-existing backsplash, there are going to be slight differences that greatly stand out. Trends change; tiles fade. There are dozens of reasons that you can never truly “match” a backsplash that you purchased years ago.

There are a couple of ways that you can choose tiles for your floor and backsplash. The first is to get the same tiles for each location. This is a great way to ensure that your room has a cohesive overall aesthetic, and you can make it look awesome with differently-textured appliances and fixtures.

However, you can also get two different types of tile that create a motif. Love honeycomb tile? Get your floor in one color and your backsplash in another.

You also could get two different tiles in the same color that feature different shapes or textures. This creates a comprehensive look while still adding some intricacies to your design.

Professional installation is a great way to ensure that none of the tiles around your bathroom clash with each other. Read more about it to understand how experts can help you with your renovations as well as make the installation process a breeze.

3. Consider Color

Speaking of color, this is one of the biggest considerations when choosing bathroom tiles for your new and improved space. You don’t just need to match your backsplash and appliances. You need to match your walls and cabinets as well.

Make sure that you’re constantly considering the main color schemes when renovating your space. Analogous color schemes are the most common and feature 2-3 different hues that sit beside each other on the color wheel. Examples would include Yellow-orange-red or blue-light blue-green.

Complementary color schemes offset each hue with the color directly opposite it on the color wheel. They’re only made up of two contrasting colors that look good together. Examples include yellow/purple and orange/blue.

Monochromatic schemes pair any one color with black or white. You can use multiple shades of one color for added visual appeal. For example, a dark blue floor tile will pair well with light blue walls and a black backsplash.

4. Look at All Your Options

It’s important to look at multiple options before making a decision on what tiles to invest in. Make sure to browse available tiles before setting your heart on a specific style. You may be most drawn to something initially and later realize that it doesn’t fit your overall remodel vision.

Bookmark the options that you like best and narrow it down to 3-5 choices. Assuming that you like all of the options- which you should since you chose them- you have multiple viable alternatives.

Print them out and bring the papers to your bathroom. Lay the tiles over other areas of your decor and see if the colors and shapes match. Some will probably match more than others, so you may be able to narrow it down quickly.

Many retailers that sell tiles will also have a bathroom visualizer on their websites. This lets you upload a picture of your space and see what the tiles would look like when installed. It’s a great way to make a confident and informed decision.

5. Think About Maintenance

Many people don’t consider maintenance when installing new flooring. However, if you’re like most people and don’t enjoy cleaning, this needs to be a core consideration when shopping for small bathroom tile ideas. Some flooring styles require more maintenance than others.

Porcelain and ceramic tile may need to be initially sealed in some (but not all) cases. However, beyond that, they’re pretty much maintenance-free. You won’t need to do more than mop up spills and occasionally sweep.

This makes them top choices for those who don’t enjoy cleaning.

Natural stone gives a room texture, but they need to be regularly sealed. They’re also porous and more likely to trap dirt and grime. You’ll need to mop them and sponge them down frequently.

Pick New Bathroom Tiles the Right Way

Now that you know some things to think about when choosing new bathroom tiles, it’s time to start looking at other aspects of your home renovations. Head over to our home page and click on the “lifestyle” tab. Then, select “home and garden” to find awesome articles on how to make your space look and feel amazing.