5 Wall Art Hanging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Interior design trends come and go but some things never change. One of them is the dos and don’ts of hanging wall art.

No matter your decor style, wall art is a necessity in any home. (Yes, even for you minimalists out there.) Without wall art, your home looks depersonalized, uninviting, and unlived-in.

That said, we don’t suggest that you run out and grab some wall art and throw it up on the walls willy-nilly. There are too many wall art hanging mistakes to go in without a plan.

What are those mistakes? Read on as we talk about the five things to avoid when hanging your wall art.

1. Not Considering Scale

When you’re deciding where to hang your wall art, you need to think about wall art size in relation to, well, everything else. How big is the wall you’re hanging it on or the furniture you’re hanging it near? You don’t want your wall art to dwarf everything in the room or get swallowed up.

2. Not Coming Up With Wall Art Themes

The gallery wall is in and will always be in. However, that doesn’t mean that you should throw a mish-mash of stuff on the wall and call it a day. Make sure that you’re thinking about the theme, whether that’s subject matter, color scheme, or style–the goal is to make sure that your wall art is cohesive, even if it’s diverse.

3. Creating the Motel Look

You know what to expect from the wall art in a motel: sort of plain, sort of boring, and reprinted a thousand times to sell on the cheap. While there’s nothing wrong with prints (or budget-friendly wall art), you want to make sure that your wall art speaks to your personality. Make sure to include personalized wall art and rare finds in your home.

4. Hanging Things Crooked

If something is hanging at an odd angle, it’s going to throw off the entire room. The good news is that this error is easy to avoid, even when you have to hang things up without a second pair of eyes. Invest in a level (they’re cheap) to make sure that all of your wall art is straight.

5. Going Frameless

No, not everything requires a frame, but if you’re hanging posters or prints, we recommend framing them. Without a frame, a lot of wall art looks like, well, dorm art. When you’re hanging living room art, you don’t want it to feel like it exists on a college campus.

Don’t Commit These Wall Art Hanging Mistakes

Interior design trends change from year to year, but wall art hanging mistakes never do. Make sure that you’re planning out your wall art, purchasing unique and personal pieces, and hanging each piece with care.

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