6 Roofing Problems Homeowners May Encounter


Have you checked your roof recently? Many homeowners cannot repair simple maintenance problems, so it’s no surprise that roofs get overlooked. If you want to protect your home, you’ll need to know about the common roofing problems and how to spot them.

No matter how durable your roof was during installation, wear and tear is sure to create some issues. Don’t forget the effects of severe weather and other forgotten sources of damage.

Inspecting your roof regularly will help you avoid significant problems down the road.

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1. Roof Leaks

If you ever notice the roof is leaking, you’ll need to fix that right away. Roof leaks are the single most common problems that plague most homeowners. This is a result of a variety of issues, including broken shingles or tree damage.

The leak is usually located several feet away from the source, and you’ll want to check the attic to track it. Use a flashlight, enter the attic and check for water stains or mold. If there’s anything of concern, contact a professional roofer such as Proformance Roofing.

2. Tree Damage

As nice as it is to be surrounded by nature, falling tree branches pose a considerable risk to the structure of your roof. You may think that only large branches cause damage, but even smaller branches can erode the top layer of your roof if there is prolonged rubbing against it.

That’s why you’ll want to trip your tree branches when they reach the roof.

3. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is sheet metal or plastic material that protects creases on fixtures such as chimneys or skylights. It also preserves pipes under your roof. If this material becomes loose or cracks, it can become vulnerable to moisture and water.

Inspect all of the areas with flashing and if there’s any cracking, replace it with a new one.

4. Broken or Missing Shingles

If the sealant attaching your shingles wears off, it can loosen or come off completely. This can occur by force of nature, wear and tear, or even rodents. Over time, shingles may start tearing off, so you should expect to replace them eventually.

5. Shrinkage

When the material of a roof shrinks, it can lead to other difficulties, including deterioration and cracking. It also pulls apart critical components like the flashing. Hire professionals if you’re concerned about shrinkage or need your roof inspected for any shrink-related damage.

6. Clogged Gutters

Check your gutters regularly to see if they’re clogged or broken; water might be backing up into the system. This can cause it to seep into the eaves eventually, and that can lead to rot. Prevent this damage by checking for debris or broken parts.

Roofing Problems You May Encounter

The good news is that the solutions to your roofing problems are also solutions to almost all of your homeownership struggles. Paying attention to the changes in your home and performing regular maintenance will go a long way.

It can be tricky to know what issues to look for if you’re a new homeowner. The general advice for roof maintenance is to address problems as quickly as possible, and you’ll now be able to identify what those are. Even a seemingly simple fix could be the reason that you fix a severe problem from happening later on.

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