9 Safety Tips for Residential Doors


As a homeowner, I believe one of your utmost priorities is to be safe at all times. The rate at which houses are being burgled nowadays is alarming, but I’m glad to inform you that burglary can be avoided provided you follow the important safety tips for residential doors highlighted in this write-up.

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Ensure there’s proper lighting around your door

You should make sure your doors are surrounded by proper lighting to avoid tripping while trying to open the door at night. Proper lighting around doors will also help occupants to see whoever is knocking at the door, especially at night.

Make sure your door is solid

Doors made of glass are beautiful but are not very reliable when it comes to safety matters. It can be easily broken by intruders.

That’s why it is important to get solid doors that are made of either wood or metal, then you can be sure that your door is strong enough to withstand some external pressure and that it won’t be thrown down easily.

Inspect Your Door Regularly

Doors wore out with time. It is your duty as a homeowner to Inspect your doors at regular intervals to detect faults and fix them as soon as you can. Faulty doors if not fixed on time can injure the occupants of the house.

Be careful around the door

You should be careful while opening and closing your door to avoid jamming your hand with it. This can be hurtful. Do not fiddle with the door unnecessarily.

Keep your door locked always

Make sure your main entrance door is always locked. Burglary can sneak in unnoticed, and go away with your property even when you’re on the premises.

It will be very difficult for a burglar to break in when you’re indoors and provided your door is locked. Never leave your door open whenever you are not nearby.

Keep Children away from the Door control button

Your door control button should be kept away from the reach of children. It should be at least five feet high above the ground. This is to make sure kids don’t toy with it, as the effect of playing with the door control button can be harmful.

Prepare For Emergencies

Do not alter your door’s emergency release mechanism. This mechanism was installed to ensure your safety. You should leave the mechanism to function on its own.

Change your Door Code Regularly

Modify your door codes regularly, In case your door has a secure lock system. By doing this, you can be sure that no one has access to your home except you. You can select a specific set of numbers you want to stick with, all you need to do is to keep interchanging it at regular intervals.

Secure Your Keys When Travelling

Anyone that has your keys has access to your home and also to your property. Your keys should be kept somewhere safe and far away from your home whenever you’re travelling. Keeping your key around your home while travelling is a bad idea, as anyone can easily bump into it where you kept it and access your home.