Business 101: How to Start a Cleaning Company

Group of young, hard-working professional cleaners in dirty apartment. Woman with cleaning solution and cloth against blurred background

Certain businesses are always in-demand.

Professional cleaning services are a huge help to companies in all industries each and every day. This is apparent because the janitorial industry holds a $78 billion value today.

Starting a cleaning business can pay off huge for someone willing to learn the industry and provide excellent service.

The points below will serve you when you’re trying to learn how to start a cleaning company.

Learn the Cleaning Business and What It Takes

The commercial cleaning industry has several factors you need to be aware of, just like any field. Before you open for business, you should learn as much as possible about the cleaning business.

This means considering the types of appointments that these pros take on, what industries they serve, and how they charge their fees. Find out what cleaning products and chemicals are also the most common within the industry.

Companies like Debbie Sardone Consulting can offer a primer on what it takes to make it in the cleaning business. Consider taking a course or reading an e-book by experts in the field so that you can get many of your pressing questions answered upfront.

Define Your Business and Register It

It’s important that you handle your business with transparency and professionalism. Start by coming up with a business name and officially registering it where you live.

You might consider running a Limited Liability Company (LLC) within your state. This way, your personal liabilities will be separated from those of your company.

When you register your business, you will also get a tax ID number to go along with it.

Draw up a business plan that explains everything that you’ll need to get started, initial goals, and a listing of any obstacles that you might face. Consult the business plan anytime you’re putting actions into play with your new company.

Hit the Ground Running and Get Your First Contract

Once you know that you have quality services for your community, it’s time to start seeking your first customers. Reach out to friends and family members first and consider offering a significant discount on initial services.

Start cleaning properties for anyone who will hire you. Come away with some good references so that your current customers turn into future business as well.

Word will begin to spread whether you mostly handle commercial cleaning, home cleaning, or any other services.

Take the time to get everything in writing so that you’re covered legally and have accurate records.

Conduct the Best Business and Manage Your Company

Make sure that you’re always treating your cleaning company like the business that it is. Wear a uniform, keep logs of all visits, and save all correspondence.

Consider what professionals you’ll need to hire to properly run your business. Working with a certified public accountant (CPA) can be useful to your company. You might also need the help of a business lawyer.

Learn How to Start a Cleaning Company

These tips will serve you when you’re learning how to start a cleaning company. Since cleaning companies are highly in-demand, you’re just a few steps away from seeing some success.

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