Common Upholstery Cleaning Practices to Avoid


Upholstered furniture is one of the most crucial investments a homeowner can make. Because we have invested so much time and effort in obtaining it, taking care of it is one of our commitments and priorities. Upholstery cleaning on a regular basis is one way to accomplish this. It offers a variety of cleaning services, including upholstery steam cleaning, which uses a process to refresh upholsteries.

Some of these businesses provide upholstery dry cleaning, which entails injecting a hot water and cleaning solution into the upholstery before sucking it out. Meanwhile, certain services, such as upholstery sofa cleaning, provide better upholstery cleaning.

The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning for Air Quality

Dirt, bacteria, and allergens can permeate into the air from dirty upholstery, reducing the quality of our indoor air. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to various elements such as smoke and food odor can result in unpleasant odors that detract from the overall attractiveness of our homes. Cleaning these items on a regular basis not only improves the scent of the upholstery, but it also aids in the removal of allergens, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

Upholstery Cleaning Improves Families Health

Apart from the detrimental effects of dirty air, filth and allergens present in upholstery can induce allergies and irritability in all home members. As a result, keeping our upholstery clean can assist us in reducing the risk of illness in our homes.

Furniture that lasts a long time

Thinning, discoloration, and other ugly upholstery features are unfortunately another symptom of unclean and neglected upholstery. Regular cleaning also helps to remove unwanted dust and debris that could impair the sturdiness of our upholstered products, hence extending their lifespan.

Make Sure You Don’t Make These Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

Despite the availability of professional upholstery cleaners, we occasionally prefer to do things our own way. Unfortunately, as a result of this, we make mistakes when cleaning our furniture. Here are some of the most typical cleaning mistakes we make on our couches and mattresses:

Failure to follow the directions of the manufacturer

After we purchase an upholstered item, we frequently ignore the reminders and procedures that the salesman teaches us about the item’s care and cleaning requirements. Worse, we’re cleaning them with our own materials and methods, which could reduce their lifespan and, worse, damage the upholstery.

Using the incorrect cleaning and maintenance products.

The majority of us aren’t aware of the best products to utilize while dealing with particular upholstery issues. Instead, we use whatever cleaning supplies we have on hand without first double-checking that they are the right tool for the job. This behavior is not only harmful to you and your family, but it can be disastrous for your upholstery.

Cleaning without first performing a test patch

Checking to see if the products we’ll be using are legal and won’t harm the item is a crucial component of cleaning our upholstery. One way to do this is to make a test patch or apply the cleaning product to a smaller section of the upholstery. Despite its importance prior to cleaning, this is one of the duties that we frequently overlook, resulting in a negative impact on the upholstery item’s appearance.

It’s a good idea to soak the upholstery in water

Another common cleaning miscalculation is expecting that simply using water will cure our upholstery issue. It will not only impair the upholstery’s quality, but it will also prevent the item from drying correctly, allowing dangerous bacteria and molds to grow inside.

Cleaning strategies that are ineffective and ineffectual are applied

Cleaning and maintaining upholstered furniture is a challenge. As a result, it’s vital to get things ready before you start cleaning. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, we have a propensity to utilize the wrong cleaning solutions and methods. Whatever cleaning product we use, if we don’t use it properly, it will be ineffective and cause more difficulties.

What is the Best Way to Clean Upholstered Furniture?

The procedures listed below can help us protect our valuable household items when it comes to cleaning our upholstery.

The owner’s manual should always be read

It is our responsibility as upholstery owners to thoroughly read the guidebook and information leaflet. The instructions for the upholstery item that was purchased are not on show. Rather, it aims to provide you a better understanding of the needs for keeping the item in good functioning order and avoiding harm.

It’s not a good idea to scrub the upholstery

Scrubbing the upholstered item will not solve the problem; in fact, it will exacerbate it. Rather than scraping, blot some of the stains with absorbent cloths to quickly absorb them. It will not only limit the possibility of rubbing the liquid stain, but it will also help to include those stains beneath the upholstery item.

To get rid of the spots, try utilizing a steam cleaner

For eliminating ingrained stains from upholstery, steam cleaners are really effective. If you have a steam mop, it could be a great tool for cleaning upholstery. Additionally, when steam cleaning particular items, select a low-heat setting and test in an inconspicuous region. Avoid using any steam cleaning equipment if the fabric is silk.

Never use regular water to clean microfiber products

Water is not an option when it comes to cleaning stains from microfiber upholstery. Instead, use rubbing alcohol to clean the fabric. Spray some on the stained area, then use a clean, dry cloth to lift the stain as it loosens.