How Long Does an HVAC System Last on Average?


HVAC systems are designed to last through substantial wear and tear. Whether it’s inclement weather, direct physical trauma, or otherwise, it has very little effect on an HVAC system’s lifespan.

That said, HVAC systems don’t last forever. But you might be wondering: how long does an HVAC system last?

In most cases, between 12 and 18 years. Wondering which factors tend to dictate the end of an HVAC system’s life? We’re going to discuss them now.

Level of Use Affects HVAC Lifespan

Put simply, the more you use your HVAC system, the shorter its lifespan will be. This stands to reason, as increased use leads to increased wear and tear. And the more wear and tear your HVAC system incurs, the sooner it will struggle to provide adequate functionality.

Now, there are repairs that can keep your HVAC system going once problems have arisen. However, at some point, it’s wiser to replace the system than to repair it.

Level of Maintenance Affects HVAC Lifespan

It’s not just the level of use that affects an HVAC’s lifespan. It’s the level of maintenance provided to the HVAC system as well. The more diligent you are in maintaining your HVAC system, the better it will function and the less wear and tear it will incur as time progresses. In short: HVAC systems need maintenance.

As such, you should be sure to clean your HVAC regularly and have it tuned up yearly. If you need help maintaining your home HVAC unit, call up your local HVAC company.

The Cleanliness of Your Home Affects HVAC Lifespan

Another factor that can affect an HVAC’s lifespan is the cleanliness of the home that it’s in. If the home is particularly dusty or dirty, the HVAC system will have to work harder than it would otherwise. This will put undue wear and tear on the HVAC unit, causing it to die out before its time.

For this reason, you should dust and vacuum on a regular basis. You should also be sure to clean your ducts out every three to five years.

The Quality of the HVAC System’s Installation

One last thing that can affect an HVAC system’s lifespan is how well it was installed. If it was installed properly, it will function properly, incurring as little wear and tear as possible. If it was installed improperly, it will struggle to function, incurring unnecessary wear and tear.

For this reason, when you purchase an HVAC system, you need to have it installed by a reputable HVAC technician.

How Long Does an HVAC System Last in Most Cases?

As you can see, the lifespan of an HVAC system is affected by a number of factors. As such, it’s hard to give a straight answer to the question, “how long does an HVAC system last?” But if there were one number that you were going to pick out, that number would have to be 15; 15 years is a typical lifespan to expect for an HVAC system.

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