How Long Does It Take to Replace My Old Windows?


No house is complete without windows. However, like any other part of the house, your windows require replacement. But the process of replacing or updating a window can be pretty daunting. Removing one window opens up room to nature’s harshest elements. For your home to remain safe, you need to replace your windows as soon as possible. So, how long does it take for your window replacement project to be completed? Let’s find out!

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How Long Does It Take to Replace Your Old Windows?

A typical window replacement can take at least four to 15 weeks after the window replacement company’s initial evaluation. The four to 15 weeks is the entire timeline from the first assessment to the physical installation. The physical installation of your old windows can take as little as 30 to 60 minutes for every window. A skilled window replacement contractor can take a day to replace 10 to 15 windows.

Why Does It Take Time to Replace Windows After the Initial Evaluation?

Despite the ease of replacing windows, the timeline after an initial evaluation does take a long time. The reason for this delay is that the contractor will need to order your replacement windows. For instance, if you require custom windows, they take longer because they have to be specially manufactured.

The period it takes to complete a window replacement isn’t always black and white. The reason for this is because of several factors like:

The Job’s Complexity

Sometimes the nature of the window replacement job might require the replacement of a single glass pane. Other times, the replacement job might be to install the home’s double-glazed windows. Also, it’s important to recognize that for an experienced contractor, the window replacement process might take several hours, as they have the skill and experience.

But, if you are doing the installation yourself, the installation process might be longer. Here’s why. An inexperienced handyman might not get the precise measurements for the installation process. Also, purchasing the right windows isn’t as easy as it looks. Windows aren’t created equally, meaning that not all types will suit your home.

If you have no experience buying windows, it may take time to buy the right ones that fit your home’s style. Also, the installation process isn’t easy, as there are plenty of technicalities to follow. These technicalities include removing window stops and trims, shimming, and fitting. The entire window replacement process will take time if one technicality isn’t met.

Hiring an experienced and professional contractor can help shorten the window replacement period. It’s also important to recognize that the more glass panes, the more windows; the bigger the window size, the longer the replacement job takes.

Full Frame Vs. Retrofit Installation

Full frame and retrofit installation are two types of window replacements. Of the two, retrofit installation is less expensive and faster. All the window installer has to do is replace your windows by fitting them into an existing opening.

Full frame installation takes much longer, as it involves replacing every part of the window from the frame, materials around and in the window like brock molding and studs. However, this type of installation only happens for severely deteriorating windows.


The material you choose for your windows also influences the replacement duration. For instance, wood windows can take longer to install than vinyl ones as they require sanding, priming, and painting. Also, the mortar between bricks will need time to dry before installing the windows.

The Manufacturer

For you to replace windows, you need new windows, which is where you require a manufacturer. Is your manufacturer local, or do you have to ship your windows? If it’s the latter, you may experience some unusual shipping delays, which can significantly impact your installation time. If you do choose a local manufacturer, you might get your windows much earlier than expected. However, that depends on the type of windows you order.

Homeowners’ Association Rules

Like any home improvement job, you need a permit to perform the job. And for this, you require your local homeowners’ association to approve the window replacement project, which can sometimes take days, weeks, or months.

Understanding how long it takes to replace your windows can help you plan better. You can take into consideration the different factors above in your planning process. This will help ensure that you don’t take too much time than you should. Also, if you hate the planning that comes with this process, why not hire a professional window installer to complete the entire process?