Top 3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

master of repair air conditioners at work

Air conditioning does much more than keep you cool in hot weather. It controls mold-causing humidity and protects your home from damage. Keeping up with air conditioning maintenance is a must for a responsible home owner!

So, how do you manage maintenance if you’re not an air conditioning expert? No need to worry – there are simple things that you can do to keep your AC in top condition! Keep reading to learn the three best ways to maintain your AC.

1. Keep It Clean

If your AC unit is outside, it is constantly exposed to possible damage. You can prevent a lot of problems by simply keeping it clean. You should clear it of any debris and even wash it down with a hose or use a vacuum.

Remember, before doing any cleaning, you should turn off its power to prevent electrocution.

Don’t forget to clear the area around your unit as well. Bushes, shrubs, and other plants growing too close to the machine will block the airflow. This works your unit harder than necessary and leads to damage.

2. Change the Filters

Dust and debris builds up fast inside your unit’s filters. This leads to icing in your system. Icing makes your unit work much harder than it needs to – a pricey problem that you’re better off avoiding!

You should change the filters every month as part of your regular heating and air conditioning maintenance!

3. Listen Closely

Your AC system could be saying more than you think. Some noises are common, but others could be pointing towards an issue. Listen for and don’t ignore any unusual sounds coming from your unit.

If you do hear a strange sound, don’t handle it on your own! Know when it’s time to call in a professional for regular upkeep before a big AC repair disrupts your life.

Benefits of Maintaining Your AC

No one wants to add an extra chore to their to-do list, but keeping up with AC maintenance is one task that is worth the effort!

Air conditioning preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only will your machine work better, but it will also last longer. You can save money on your monthly utility costs as well as on costly repairs!

Plus, a well-maintained system is safer, too! There’s less risk of fire and electrocution if you take good care of your air conditioning.

Keep Up With Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

The last thing you want is for your AC to give out in the hot days of summer, causing extensive and costly repairs. Don’t neglect your regular air conditioning maintenance! Follow these tips today to keep your home and family safe!

If you learned something from this article, don’t stop here! You can find more household maintenance tips on the Lifestyle page of this site. Keep your home in great repair by exploring now!