Water Heater Repair Near Me: How to Choose the Right Company

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

20% of your home’s energy use is attributed to your water heater. Though you may not realize it, it’s very important to many parts of your home!

When something goes wrong, you may find yourself searching “water heater repair near me.” We’ve got the answers to all your questions to find the right company to work with when disaster strikes with your water heater.

Let’s look at everything that you need to consider before inviting a repair company into your home.

Check Licensing

A plumber is a professional of the trade who should have licensing before offering water heater repair. This is not a job that should be done by yourself or by a general handyman.

While those methods may save you money at first, they’re likely to cost you more down the line. It’s far better to go with a licensed plumbing company to ensure that the job is done correctly and save you from a failing water heater.


For liability reasons, you don’t want to work with a company that doesn’t have the proper insurance to be working inside of your home. Many companies don’t show this and often, customers don’t know to ask.

Insurance is important to protect both the plumbing company and the customer if any issues do arise on rare occasions. Be sure to save yourself the hassle and stress by asking a water heater repair company if they have insurance.


While you should pay for quality work to be done in your home, you want to ensure that you get a good mix of quality and price. The most expensive company won’t always be the best, and the least expensive won’t always be the worst.

It’s best to go with a company that provides great value within your budget. This allows you to get quality water heater repairs done in your home without breaking the bank.

References and Reviews

The last step to choosing the right company to work with is to ask for references or have a look at their reviews. Often, companies that do great work will have customers who can vouch for their service.

Otherwise, many companies will have online reviews that you can have a look at. Online reviews can give you some great insight into the company to see if they are good to work with or not.

Take each review into consideration, but remember that one negative review may not reflect upon the entire company. Look for trends to get a better idea of what your experience might be.

Water Heater Repair Near Me: Work With the Right Company

With these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect company to work with when you search, “water heater repair near me.” You’ve done your research so finding a great company is right around the corner. By asking the right questions and doing your research, you’ll have your water heater working like a charm in no time.

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