What Are The Reasons To Hire Emergency Tree Services?


Usually, we call tree services providers when we need to trim or prune trees in our yard to ensure their healthy growth. But there is some situation when we need to hire an emergency tree service provider like after a storm.

There are various situations when we hire a tree service contractor who is ready to offer emergency services. The affected trees not just affect the visual appeal of the house, but also pose danger to life and property.

Here, in this post, you will get to know about different reasons to hire emergency tree services providers: 

1. Examine Trees After Storm 

Heavy wind, storms or torrential rain can damage trees in your landscape. The storm affected trees can fall anytime and wreak havoc. Sometimes, the trees that are still standing in an upright position are internally affected by the storm.

Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from these trees because they can fall anytime and they pose danger to life and property in its surroundings. You should immediately call an emergency tree service provider after the storm to examine the trees in your yard. 

The trees that are old and weak are highly suffered from heavy wind and storms. The strong storm can lead to the falling of old and weak trees. The storm affected tree is highly dangerous to you, your family and your property as well.

The tree service provider will bring the necessary tools and equipment to check all the trees in your yard. They will remove the affected branches so that they do not fall on any person or property. If the tree is highly affected, the tree service providers will suggest for complete tree removal. 

2. Tree Leaning on Your Property 

Is there any tree in your yard that is leaning towards your house? This tree can fall anytime on the roof of your house and can lead to severe damage. If you observe any large tree threatening your safety, then you should call emergency tree service contractors. The large size trees that are leaning to your house or your neighbor’s house can fall even after a strong wind.

So, if you want to avoid this major accident, then do not delay and call an arborist who can suggest the right measure. You should search for the best tree service providers in your area who can help yours in trimming dangerous branches of a leaning tree. Sometimes, complete tree removal is necessary to prevent life and property.  

3. Removal of Infected Tree 

During the winter season, our trees are highly vulnerable to insects and pest infestation. The tree diseases usually spread from one tree to another and affect the whole yard. Thus, if you see any sign of infestation, then immediately call an arborist who can help in recovering the affected tree.

If recovery is not possible, then the arborist suggests the removal of the affected tree to protect other trees in the yard. The infected trees have usually damaged roots and unusual growth. 

4. Dead Tree Affecting Curb Appeal 

The dead trees in your yard are not just a threat to life & property, but they are an eyesore. Therefore, you should remove the dead tree from your yard to maintain the good curb appeal of your house. The affected curb appeal will decrease the market value of your house.

You should hire an emergency tree service provider to immediately remove the dead tree from your yard. Never try to deal with the dead tree because the dead trees have compromised structural integrity and they can fall in any direction. Never risk yourself, call experts for removing a dead tree from your landscape. 

5. Call Experts Before Change in Weather 

Check weather forecasts and there is a heavy strong storm looming over your area, then it is a good idea to immediately call an arborist to examine trees in your yard. The strong winds and storms can break down decayed and weak branches. Sometimes, a strong wind can break the trunk of the tree and the entire tree breaks down.

The professional tree service providers will cut down the weak branches of the tree and also check those trees whose structural integrity is comprised. After proper examination, they suggest the right measure so they can reduce risk to your life and property. Thus, it is recommended to call an arborist before the change in the weather. 

Final words:

There are certain situations when we need to immediately call an arborist and some of the situations are described above, you should hire a local tree service contractor who has good experienced and skilled professionals.

The trained professionals can understand the urgency and are ready to offer their service anytime. You can ask for a reference from your friends and family so that you hire the best contractors.