Enjoy Flexible Baggage Policy with Alaska Airlines Reservations

Alaska Airlines Reservations
Alaska Airlines Reservations

I am an employee of a Multinational Company. Therefore, I need to visit the different branches of my company in Alaska. Previously, I used to travel in different airlines but for my last 3-4 trips, I am traveling in Alaska Airlines and you know what – the reasons are quite obvious. I have opted for their frequent flyer program and getting countless benefits through the same. I decided to travel to this airline because they follow transparent and clear-cut norms for flight booking. Additionally, Alaska Airlines’ baggage policies are also quite amazing. Today, I am going to share baggage policy and related details so that you all can make the most out of it. However, I would like to suggest you all verify the details by connecting with Alaska Airlines for baggage enquiry.

Before booking a flight, I did a lot of online research and found so many worth sharing details. So, just check out the following before you take further steps:

·         Carry-on baggage

·         One FREE small personal bag

·         One FREE small carry-on bag

·         Checked baggage by paying the applicable fee according to the terms & conditions

·         Overweight baggage by paying the applicable fee according to the terms & conditions as it depends on the overweight limit on your route

·         Oversize baggage by paying the applicable fee according to the terms & conditions

·         Sports equipment as per the policy

Please note that the baggage allowance and requirements of Alaska Airlines differ for the checked and carry-on baggage. Hence, call on the Alaska Airlines booking number (I also did the same) for further details and professional support.

Rules and Requirement for the Alaska Airlines Carry-On Baggage

I feel that this aspect is more than important to discuss. As it states that all passengers can carry one personal item i.e. camera bag, laptop bag, briefcase, hand purse, etc. without paying any additional fee. Check out the following to learn more about the restrictions related to the size and weight:

Weight and Size Restrictions for Carry-On Baggage: You cannot simply carry any bag with you. Some essential points have been listed here:

·         The bag you are planning to carry with you on the flight should have the dimensions of 61cm x 43cm x 25cm along with the handles and wheels of the bag.

·         Your carry-on bag must completely fit the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you

·         Items like jackets, duty-free items, assistive devices such as walkers, child restraint seats, crutches, strollers, etc. and umbrellas so not count as carry-on baggage

·         The airline counts the diaper bag as one carry-on item

Rules and Requirement for the Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage

As per the baggage allowance policy, you are allowed to carry two checked baggage with you. However, it has some rules and requirements that have been given here:

Weight and Size Restrictions for Checked Baggage: To avoid unnecessary hassles and delays at the airport, you should know the following about the checked baggage and its weight and size:

·         The dimensions of the checked baggage must be within 157 cm. (overall)

·         You are only allowed to carry up to 23 kg of checked baggage with you

You should browse through the official website of the airline or simply connect with their representatives by calling them on Alaska Airlines phone number (+1-855-805-5447) for the Alaska Airlines baggage enquiry.

Baggage Fees of Alaska Airlines

These charges greatly depend on the type of fare purchased and the number of baggage you want to carry. In addition to this, if you are having a charge card or credit card, membership of its frequent flyer program, or the membership of its partner airlines, then these charges will vary. However, some details are given here so that you can have some idea about its charges:

Checked Baggage Fee

·         You will need to pay an amount of US$30 as a fee for the 1st checked baggage

·         For the second baggage, you will need to pay a fee of US$40

·         A fee of US$100 will be levied for the 3rd and each additional baggage

·         If you are traveling within Alaska, then no fee for the 3 checked baggage

Overweight Baggage Fee

·         It is applicable when you want to carry beyond the given limit of 23 kg

·         You will need to pay US$100 as a fee if you are carrying bags between 24 and 46 kg

·         The airline does not accept baggage over 46 kg

Oversized Baggage Fee

·         You will need to pay an amount of US$100 as a fee if your bags’ dimensions are between 160cm-292cm

·         The airline will not accept any bag exceeding the limit of 292cm in any case

Extra Baggage Charges Initially, I also got confused. So, I contacted the airline directly to learn more about the extra baggage charges and related policy. Thus, it is suggested to contact the dedicated team of Alaska Airlines in case you have any doubts. It is good to understand everything to avoid unnecessary hassles and headaches before you do Alaska Airlines reservations.