Cancelling LinkedIn premium Account


Let’s face it; social media does have its disadvantages without any doubt. For those who are not in the best of moods, they will throw it out of the window. Social media does have its perks, but it also has its own nasty side.

Its nasty side is equivalent to its flaws. Such can really annoy sane and sensible human beings. They have thus proved to be the problem that often meets a drastic and aggressive solution.

The infinite money theorem states that monkeys hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will at some point produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. However, when it comes to social media becoming a nuisance, the monkey theorem will thus be overturned.

When does LinkedIn come in handy?

LinkedIn often works when it comes to making professional connections, providing job updates and updating the professional profile. It comes in handy for improving career prospects and has proved to be quite useful

Today, it is now the Facebook of the business world. Apart from personal things, a lot of content shared on LinkedIn today is moving to a new level of cringe worthiness. The comments, images and shares on LinkedIn can be right in theory, but in truth they are not appropriate at all.

The following types of LinkedIn members are the ones who have proven to be the worst performers on the professional social forum:

  • The person who keeps sharing things.
  • The confused employee.
  • The professional who is always confused.
  • The ones who revel too much on the first day.
  • Self-appointed gurus.
  • That joyous downsizer.
  • The ones who boast about practicing good ethics.
  • The friendly but annoying advisors.
  • An unwanted flirt.
  • Pesky recruiters (headhunters).
  • The pestering salesperson.

LinkedIn Premium: How good is it?

LinkedIn Premium is an upgrade over its standard version. It is divided into 4 modules namely:

  • Career ($29.99/Month).
  • Business ($59.99/Month).
  • Sales ($79.99/Month).
  • Hiring ($119.95/Month).

These charges are exclusive of sales tax and are applicable as per the user’s location. LinkedIn users can pay an annual charge which can potentially save 20% of their budget. With each module offering a different set of features, most LinkedIn users are interested in the Premium Career. This helps them plan to pay $30 a month or $288 per year.

LinkedIn users can have a free trial of LinkedIn Premium. That can be used for a period of one month. This gives them a good idea of how these features will help them in their career prospects, recruiting new employees, discovering new leads or contacting the top brass of the corporate world for best course of action.

Cancelling LinkedIn premium Account

If LinkedIn users wish to cancel LinkedIn premium subscription to return back to the standard version, they can retain their profile, connections and the like. What is revoked is the access to premium features such as:

  • InMail.
  • Premium insights on job postings.
  • The full list of other LinkedIn users viewing one’s profile.

They will endure limits on commercial usage of LinkedIn.

How to cancel linkedin premium, users should follow the following steps as under:

  • Users can click on the ‘Me’ icon on the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
  • Then from the dropdown menu, they can select premium subscription settings.
  • They then must click on the Manage premium account on the right side and then click on cancel subscription.
  • Now, they can click the continue to cancel option.

LinkedIn users should note the fact that if they sign for a free trial of LinkedIn Premium & cancel it immediately, they will not be eligible to sign up for another free trial for at least a year.

For LinkedIn’s iOS app

The Linked iOS app users can cancel their LinkedIn premium subscription through the iTunes app on their iOS device.

It should be somehow noted that LinkedIn does not cancel premium subscriptions purchased through the LinkedIn for iPhone app. It also does not provide any help related to billing. The users hence need to contact Apple directly for payment inquiries & requests for refund.

They must also click the ‘No Thanks, continue’ button so they can connect with an Apple support representative either through chat or email.

For LinkedIn’s Android app

There is no option for LinkedIn’s Android app users to cancel their premium subscription directly. They need to access their respective account through desktop to cancel it.