Making A Content Strategy: Things You Need


The first quarter of 2020 has made it clear that content marketing leads the way in the online world. As we move forward in the new decade, the content that was fresh and engaging a month ago, time has decreased their value and relevancy. The complexity of content marketing requires brands or companies to have a viable documented strategy.

The primary purpose of a content strategy is not just the aspect of what you are writing. It deals with thorough market research and understanding who you are writing for. Whether its on social media platforms, blogs or websites, content creation requires a plan that deals with all the important elements.

These elements include the following:

  • Market & audience research
  • Content creation
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Cross platform profiles
  • Improving overtime with feedback and enhancing on KPIs

These are the important ingredients in a functioning content marketing strategy.

Planning Content

This process does not just deal with timely creation of the content or the type of content you are going to write.  It rather deals with mapping out the whole process. From research, to creation to posting and publicizing the content, a content plan is the driving force of a marketing strategy. Moreover, it includes SEO elements such as keywords, key intent and other important SEM related objectives.

Therefore, you must begin by researching and documenting a few important things. Including short tail and long tail keywords. SEM related stuff, such as PPC and SERP advertisement solutions. Regardless, the exemplary process in this whole plan is identifying your audience. Writing content becomes easier if you understand whom you writing for. Considering the importance of your audience is the priority all the planning.

Moreover, this plan deals with when and how you are going to distribute the content. That is why you are going to need a viable content calendar. Conversely, it is important that you do not rely entirely on your calendar. As things in content marketing come up and you should be ready to improvise and experiment.

Writing The Content

Once the wheel of your strategy is in motion, then you or your writing team should get to the real work. This primary stage of your strategy deals with not just creating, but ensuring the content’s quality, relevancy and evaluation if it will stand the test of time. The research part should help you understand the two W’s, known as “who” and “what”. The “who” is your audience and the “what” your content is.

As important it is to understand your audience, realizing the right type of content holds the same rank. According to Wikipedia Page Creation Service, creation of content solely relies upon how well you understand the intricacies required for different platforms. For example, blog content is meant to be direct and it grants you wide possibilities regarding creativity and tone. Whereas social media is interactive and follows the same method as casual conversation.


This part of your strategy does not only deal with the right type of content tone, but also the right type of platform overall. Not only do you need to identify which platform is best for you, you also need to understand the proper content distribution. It includes posting and sharing on different platforms. Keep in mind, a blog post can be shared on Facebook, but not vice versa. Therefore, if your content holds importance in your industry or niche, or if you feel it can draw audience, then choose your platform and content tone wisely.

Importance of KPI

Your key performance indicators are the biggest help when it comes to improving your content. Key Performance Indicators in content are the posts that drew the most audience. The content that got shared the most, and the type of content your audience demands in higher quantity through social media or blog comments.

Conclusion about making Content Strategy

There you have it, a few key ingredients in the recipe of a viable content marketing strategy. Employing these methods can help you get on your way with content marketing. Moreover, it can also help you improve your content and ensure that you create it timely and efficiently. Therefore, keep your head straight and do thorough research before beginning.