Ways to increase Website’s Visibility through Organic Search


Google’s information sections have never been a clear source when it comes to organic search. Google is focused on having businesses pay for ads as this is its main source of revenue. What Google loves is the content that is made for its audience. Search engines love content that answers the searchers’ intent and keeps the users engaged for an extended time. If you choose the Philadelphia best SEO agency can increase visibility and brand awareness to the public.

SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility and ranking on the unpaid results of the search engines. The description of what SEO means is simply referring to search engine optimization. SEO can certainly help you get more traffic that could turn to leads, sales, and gain revenue for your business.

Paid marketing is simply paying the search engine to place the business your business’ website on top. Organic search can be considered as the natural search process, which also refers to unpaid search results. Pay-per-click advertising is operated by the auction system where businesses bid for the keyword and the top spot. The organic search result is not about paying the search engine; it is based on how the website is relevant to the user’s search query. The determining factors include domain authority, links, and other organic ranking factors.

What is SEO Visibility?

If you are a business in Philadelphia, you have to compete with multiple other businesses for the top ranks in Google. As a business owner, you are encouraged to strive for SEO visibility to get more potential leads. The main goal of organic search is to gain SEO visibility.

As Hubspot said, SEO’s integral focus is visibility. What exactly does SEO visibility mean? It is a metric that is compiled from various search factors that helps the search engine to calculate the website’s ranking on the search results. It is a measurement of the ranking and performance of a website on the search engine list.

Top Three Ways to Increase Your Organic Search

Link Building

Search engines, particularly Google, are doing their best to avoid being duped by unscrupulous marketers. In the past, when Yahoo was the leading search engine, marketers can just add multiple keywords on their articles and it will be enough to rank high on the search engine list. Google has changed the game in this area. Using the right keyword alone will not help your website rank higher. Google has used backlinks in determining a website’s authority. A backlink is part of the process called link building. The link building process is mainly about getting other websites to link back to your website.

However, Google does not accept all types of links. The search engine behemoth checks the backlinks. Google checks the authority of the websites sending the backlinks to your website. Low-quality links will not help your website. The backlinks should be coming from high-authority websites.

Google’s algorithms are always complex but backlinks always remain an important factor in how it determines which websites deserve to rank higher. There are various ways of the link building process. One of the best link building strategies is through guest posting. You will research for websites, contact the administrator, owner, or editor, and pitch a topic. This process is too long and difficult. This is why it is recommended that you work with the Philadelphia best SEO agency to make it work. The reliable SEO agency will do the hard work of link building while you focus on creating more strategies and growing your business’ revenue.

Optimize Your Title Tag and Meta Tags

A title tag is the HTML part of your website that contains the title of the web page. Title tags are the ones displayed on search engine results. It is the clickable headline of the given result. Optimizing the title tag will be essential for the usability and SEO visibility of the webpage. The title tag must be a concise and accurate description of your webpage’s content.

Meanwhile, the Meta tag is the snippets of text that describe the webpage’s content. The Meta tags do not necessarily appear on the website but the page’s source code.

Leveraging Web 2.0 or Social Networks

To increase the chances of getting noticed on organic search, leverage web 2.0 sites and social networks. Create meaningful content that can be linked back to the website. You have to make sure that your accounts or websites are active to avoid being detected as spam.

As previously mentioned, the process to increase the SEO visibility on organic search takes time, hard work, and the right strategies. It can cause your business more money due to the time you will spend in this area. You can entrust your SEO marketing with the Philadelphia best SEO agency that has proven expertise in the field.