What to Consider When Buying Shipping Containers


The worldwide shipping container industry was valued at an astounding $6.41 billion in 2020.

Shipping containers have been gaining popularity for being reliable storage solutions. They offer a secure and portable storage solution for businesses. Also, they’re easier to set up than constructing a warehouse.

Keep reading to learn what to consider when buying shipping containers.

Where to Buy a Shipping Container

As a savvy business person, you should compare different shipping container sellers to choose the best one. You want to choose a seller who offers shipping containers at competitive prices.

Here are some of the places you can buy shipping containers.

C2C Online Platforms

These are websites that connect you to people and businesses selling used shipping containers. Most of these sellers set discounted prices to sell the shipping containers fast. So, by using these C2C online platforms, you’ll find great shipping container deals.

However, be cautious when selecting a C2C platform to avoid being scammed. Only buy a shipping container from a licensed and reputable C2C online platform. Also, choose a platform that offers escrow services to protect your money when buying a shipping container online.

Local Shipping Containers Dealer

To increase your shipping container buying options, choose a licensed local dealer. You want to find a dealer who offers a wide range of used and new containers for sale. Also, look for a dealer who offers the option to buy or rent a shipping container.

Finally, opt to reach out to a local dealer if you’re uncertain about the ideal shipping container to buy. You want to get professional guidance comparing different shipping containers to decide which one to buy.

Buy or Rent

Some companies are too quick to commit to buying a shipping container; they don’t even consider renting. They claim since they can afford to buy the container, there’s no need to rent. Unfortunately, most of these businesses buy a container that they only use for a short time before having to sell it.

These companies sell the used containers at a throw-away price, suffering massive losses. Others are stuck with the wrong storage containers that don’t fully meet their needs.

Your company should consider renting a storage container instead of buying one to avoid this pitfall. Besides, renting a container is like taking a test drive. You get a chance to test out a storage container’s features without incurring a huge upfront cost.

So, after using the storage container for the rental period, you’ll be more certain whether to buy a similar one.

New vs. Used Shipping Container

One of the biggest dilemmas companies face is whether to buy new or used shipping containers. Used shipping containers are cheaper than new ones, but they have a limited lifespan. Also, you risk cross-contamination when you store foodstuff in a used container.

So, how do you resolve this dilemma?

To decide whether to buy a used or a new shipping container, start by specifying your budget. You want to check if your business can afford a new container’s “high cost.”

Next, specify how you intend to use the shipping container and whether a used one can fit this need. So, if you intend to use the shipping container for a short duration, then it’s cost-effective to buy a used one. However, it’s best to invest in a new shipping container for long-term storage.

Shipping Container Size

You should compare different shipping container sizes to decide which one to get. Thus, consider your company’s storage needs and the available space. The idea is to decide whether to get 40 feet or a 20 feet shipping container.

Also, you should check the shipping containers’ height to know the right one to buy.

Shipping Container Accessories

Many businesses forget to check necessary accessories when buying a shipping container for storage. These businesses are later frustrated when they learn that they’ll need to spend more money to buy these accessories. Your company should list all the shipping container accessories it’ll need to avoid this pitfall.

Here are some of the most common shipping container accessories:

• Security and lock boxes
• Shelving racks
• Roll-up doors

You want to invest in accessories that make storing items in these shipping containers easy and secure. Therefore, find out beforehand how much these shipping container accessories cost and where to get them. Also, seek information on how to choose the right shipping container accessories.

Types of Shipping Containers

Your business should compare different types of shipping containers to decide which one to get. Your goal is to invest in a shipping container with features that perfectly meet your needs.

Here are some of the most popular types of shipping containers:
• Dry storage container
• Special purpose containers
• Half-height containers
• Refrigerated ISO containers
• Open top storage containers
• Open side storage containers

Compare the features of these containers to know which one meets your storage needs. So, invest in a refrigerated ISO container for storing and shipping perishables. On the other hand, buy a dry storage container for non-perishable goods.

Cut Warehousing Costs by Investing in Innovating Storage Solutions

Constructing a new warehouse is costly, and your business should explore alternative storage solutions. You want to explore different storage options to pick the most economical ones. To cut costs, consider using shipping containers for storage.

Rely on the above things to decide on the ideal shipping containers to buy. You want to learn how to decide whether to buy or rent shipping containers. Also, rely on the above buying tips to know whether to get a new or used shipping container.

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