Android‌ ‌Smart‌ ‌Security:‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌ Secure‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Android‌ ‌phone‌


“Android is the part of our daily life” It operates multiple tasks like searching many tabs in your mobile browser, and you use social networking sites Facebook, Whatsapp or use other functions like camera, alarm, etc.. And the latest Android version is more advanced in the feature.

Androids are powerful multi-tasker, it keeps you updated with the latest news, weather forecast, entertainment sources and with all television channels. It is amazing mobile software.

With an internet connection, you can connect your official work to your Android device.

Save your Android phone from hacking: Follow the Guidance

Tips to easily safe android mobile malware and hacker which is shown below         

  • To use the official app not use a third-party app like sharing and drop etc.
  • Not allow providing the configuration for the unknown source because of some occurrences of malware infiltrating process.
  • If you allow unknown sources you do not install an app that automatically downloads messages or links and barcode scans.
  • Not open unknown source MMS or link. This can be specified as lethal for devices vulnerable.   
  • To activate the validation app which detects the malware app.

Rooting your device may not be the best choice

If you right-click on the software in your computer then we achieve the ‘Run as administrator’ option just like that while you root your mobile then you say that you use your mobile like administration power every limitation is removed then we do any.

Never Miss out on updating your phones

Generally, update remove the small bugs which are left during the programming period and mobile software version update and remove the bugs like error and other problem solve.

Download or update application form google play store

Android mobile users download and update applications from google play store which are safe from malware do not come in the response anybody hacks your mobile phone, it is the safe and manual pattern or official pattern to download or update the application.

Unleash the full power of play protection

you can confirm form google play protection is working on your device by looking in the security of your system setting. Tab the line labeled “ google play protect”, then make sure all the toggles are activated and everything has shown up activated and ever thinks shows up as being activated.

Safe Browsing

Google browser is the safe browser it is having the default function to secure your mobile and data it provides notification or blocks the site according to the situation, browser which Secures your mobile unauthorized access or link. 

Do not use unknown wifi

Do not use unknown wifi it is harmful for your data privacy use only your mobile data it is secure all the data like your bank detail mobile configuration.

Avoid unauthorized app sources

To known about unauthorize app sources harms-

Here are a few questions we that is Frequently asked 

Is this possible To secure your mobile?

Yes, In one line answer do not open or click the link’s own link or unauthorized.

Update and Alert model update

  • Safe your password and share OTP:  Do not share your password or email id and not share the OTP which comes from your mobile. It is the main reason to secure your data privacy, safety from hackers.
  • Easy Steps to Remove Malware: On google play store every application is not a safe developer and uploads the malware application which is harmful for users who download the application so you know whether the application is secure or not.
  • Android built-in object-oriented programming: Android mobile applications are built in the android studio and use some java part which is secure because java is a secure language.

App Permission: Android provides permission like Whatsapp having many features or functions.

  • Live Chat
  • Calling
  • Video calling
  • Symbols
  • Status

All are the above functions like chat, calling, video, symbols, status ask permission and android provide the permission to perform the above functions, like application Facebook and other social networking sites.

Suspicious link: One of the conditions is the face for mobile security browsers automatically open the tab and not close, it installs the malware, spyware which is harmful to the mobile, and face many problems be a careful virus. And it may come from the way of email and SMS.

Download from other sources: Every link is not having in the google play it having another link.

Conclusion: Until now you will have to know! This is not just for your mobile but for your safety! That’s why I always say, be careful, be cautious and keep on moving forward.

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