Headphone Buying Guide – Features, Types, and More


Are you in a search of the top quality of Headphone in India? We will discuss about the best Headphones in India that can help you to watch movies, videos songs along with take calls.

Table of Contents

Types of Headphones

Headphones come in different types. And we have mentioned all about the headphones’ guide and let’s discuss about them.

Headphone Type Based On – Wired or Wireless

You can see both wired and wireless headphones available in the market today. Such headphones are typically based on wire or wireless headphones and they are divided into two categories.

Wired Headphones

Most of the people have already used wired headphones sometime, and no doubt they are very common type of headphones. The wired Headphone offers you with clear and sharp audio because of it is a direct connection with the device. Wired Headphones are the most conventional type.

Wired Headphones have changed enough with time. Nowadays, you will get multiple colours and designs of wired headphones with superb sound quality and design. Below we have mentioned the Pros and Cons of Wired Headphones.


  • Wired Headphones are well-suited.
  • The headphones are operated by battery.
  • The headphones have an added sound termination feature.


  • A major con of wired headphones to connect with your device.
  • Detangling a wired headphone can become bothersome from time to time.
  • The wire breaks down with nonstop use.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are in fashion now. They are amazing because no need to stay attached with your device always. You can listen to music or even take a call while working out in the gym, cooking in the kitchen, and other places.

You are free listening to song without a material, wire connection. Wireless headphones are handy, secure, and lightweight so that you can use them anywhere eaisly.


  • Wireless Headphones offer ease and safety.
  • Extremely convenient
  • No tangling wires
  • Well-matched smart TVs, computers, and other technology with integral Bluetooth capability


  • Wireless headphones are pricier than the wired one.
  • Needs charging once the battery is down.
  • Less opposed to crashes or shocks.

Things to consider before buying a Headphone

Purchasing a new headphone is a tiresome undertaking, so, it is recommended to do through research that can help to find out the right Headphone independently. What factors you need to consider before buying a Headphone.

1. Better sound quality of Headphone

Sound quality is an imperative aspect while purchasing a headphone. If you are going to buy a headphone, you of course will search for good quality sound. However, headphone buying before you decides with any model or brand, the first important thing you should keep in mind that is better audio quality. If quality is most vital for you, then you should know that wireless headphones constrict the sound quality. Some wireless headphones have beaten this problem and create great sound. Thus, you should do your in-depth research correctly before you purchase a headphone.

2. The shape, comfort, and size of Headphone

These three essential things are most crucial to pay attention when you buying headphones, you should consider shape, comfort, and size. Most people use headphones constantly for some hours; thus having the robust fit and comfort are vital. In addition, also consider for style and there are lots of people who pay extra for style.

3. The Controls and combination of Headphone

Other thing to consider is control and combination is the efficient unit of headphones. If you are going to purchase a wired headphone, no need to concern much about it.

But if you are unknown to wireless headphones then you should always read on the thorough details. Wireless headphones are dissimilar; some of them consist of controls on the earpiece such as buttons, while some have very state-of-the-art touch controls.

And, a control combination headphone with an exterior device is also an imperative part. Many headphones have Bluetooth for matching come with external devices, but some use NFC functionality.

4. The Battery life of Headphone

Also, if you are using wired headphones and this is not a crucial factor about the batter life. Though, wireless headphones are available with limited battery life, and you have to put the headphones on charge occasionally. But check out the battery life properly in wireless headphones and then consider to buy after knowing these all factors mentioned above.