How Much Does a New AC Unit Cost?


Picture this: it’s a lovely summer day, it’s 90° outside, and you’ve come home from a great family day out. Unfortunately, your AC won’t work, and it’s 85° throughout the house.

What do you do next? Call an HVAC engineer? Buy a new AC unit?

It can be challenging making these decisions while there’s sweat pouring down your forehead. If it’s the first time your AC has gone wrong, it may be worth calling an engineer.

However, sometimes you need to bite the bullet and invest in a new AC unit that you know will be reliable. But, do you know how much they cost?

Read on to find out.

AC Unit Cost

The actual AC unit is only a small factor in the cost of getting a new AC system installed. It’s also usually non-negotiable.

However, you’ll need to choose the size of the unit, energy efficiency, and whether it’s central or a complete HVAC. These are important decisions that an HVAC engineer can advise on.

Installation Costs

If your AC can be installed without any existing ductwork repairs, the AC installation costs can be relatively low. Expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$3000.

However, if you need ductwork repairs, the installation costs can rise to around $2500-$4000.

AC Brand Costs

Do you want a well-known brand of AC, or are you happy with a generic equivalent? Although you may think that a branded product is better quality, often you simply pay a premium for the brand rather than an elite product.

Instead of shopping for the most elite brand, consider other factors. The most important thing is to ensure they have good reviews, good customer service, and a warranty on their products.

How to Pay for Your New AC Unit

When you put all these factors together, you can expect to pay anything from around $3000-$8000. Unfortunately, AC is necessary anywhere that gets hot in the summer months.

If you’re wondering how to fund the cost of a new ac unit, you’ve got several options. First, many providers offer monthly payment plans so you can put your AC on finance.

If you don’t want to finance your AC, consider taking money from savings or choosing a cheaper option (but make sure it’s adequate for your home).

Finally, you could take out a loan or use a credit card. Be careful with this option; only take out loans if you know you can afford the repayments.

Enjoy Your New AC Unit This Summer

Now you understand more about the costs relating to the average HVAC system cost, you’re in a good place to make an informed decision when your AC goes bust.

If it’s time to choose a new AC unit, make sure you consider the make and model, if it’s appropriate for your home, and whether you’ll need any extra services.

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