How to check AC requires Services?


Summers is a season of happy sunny days with trendiest clothes and a lot of other benefits. It also comes with some adverse effects like heat burns and acne along with all the pleasures. As we have advance so much in technology and inventions, we also got the solution for this problem. Air conditioners have helped us in enjoying the hot and tough days of summer by providing us some cold breezes. At the end of summers, we call our AC cleaning service to get our AC service done. This favors us in next summers with some really clod waves of air. 

AC are used throughout the summer season and it is essential to get their maintenance done at the end of season on regular basis. For this purpose, we can ask Rehan services for its cleaning and maintenance.  With the help of cleaning and maintenance they work more effectively and also on a longer run. Your negligence towards cleaning would affect the working of your Air Conditioner and may cause a stop to it.

An air conditioner filters, coils and fins require check up on regular basis in order to work in proper and more effective way. Some of the steps for air conditioner maintenance at the end of season are

Clean Your Filters

 The first step for maintenance is cleaning the AC thoroughly. Homeowners with Air Conditioners know that it is sweet hone to frequently check their unit filters. Filters may need frequent attention only if they are in a constant use because only then they are subjected to dust. Most of the people call professionals to clean it. This cleaning is particularly important if you have got pets or live in dusty area. This final check is done to keep your filters free from clogging or damage.  Before switching your unit off make sure to replace your old filters with new ones if there is any sort of damage.

Clean Your Coils

The air conditioner evaporator coil and condenser coils accumulate the dirt particles from months and keep them inside. A clean channel avoids the evaporator coil from soiling quickly. In time, in any case the evaporator coil will still collect the dirt. This soil decreases the wind stream and protecting the coil, lessening its capacity to retain warm. To overcome this issue, check your evaporator coil each year and it is necessary to clean it. There is chance that the outdoor condensers also become very dirty. This is possible when then the surrounding environment is also untidy or incase if there is foliage nearby. The department of energy also suggest the homeowners should look at and clean the evaporator coils of AC unit once a year. It is mostly done at the end of summers. It could also be evaluated even if it is cleaned in spring because checking it again causes no harm. Moreover, it is necessary to keep your unit coils free from dust and dirt.  In this way it remains undamaged and free of debris. AC cleaning Dubai provides us some major maintenance and cleaning services.

Inspection of Coil Fins

As the time passes the fins on your unit coils become distorted and damage to avoid it is recommended to use a fin comb. It could be purchased from local home improvement store or could also be bought online. Fin comb is basically used to rectify the aluminum coil to maintain the balance of both the condenser and evaporator parcels of air conditioner unit. If these fins give bending appearance or even get broken suddenly call the professional to get it fixing done as soon as possible.

Straighten the Fins

Since the efficiency of air flow is decreased of there is any blockage along its way. Bending of the fins could be the one of its reason. To resolve this issue the bended fins are carefully straighten by using a butter knife or commercially assessable fin-straightening device. Be gentle during the process to avoid any sort of harm or damage.

Level the Unit

Over time, the cushion upon which the condenser units sit can start to tip as the soil settles underneath it. An out of level condenser unit can cause the compressor with in to fail in a short duration of time. For this purpose, check the condenser level and utilize rot-resistance shims to bring it back to its level. The experts keep the cushion in inclined position from home’s foundation to permit for defrost run off during the cold days.

Winterize Your AC unit

The ultimate step for end of season maintenance is to winterize your air conditioner. It is done to prepare it for the coldest months of the year. Turn off your air conditioner from the mains, cover or evacuate little window boxes. Also choose whether to cover your large exterior air conditioner unit or not. The perfect way to store and protect your unit is to build some kind of wall around it with a hardboard during the winter season. It would prevent the air conditioner from the major sort of harm during low degree temperature.

When your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance it is essential to hire a professional for this purpose.

Hiring a professional

A well-trained technician will provide you some proficient benefits. He would figure out the problems accurately and would also settle the issues in a professional way. The technician should;

  • Check for exact and correct amount of refrigerant
  • Capture any refrigerant that must be evacuated from the framework, rather than wrongly discharging it to the atmosphere.
  • Check for and seal channel leakage in central systems.
  • Measure the flow of air through evaporator coil.
  • Inspect electric connections, clean and fix them.
  • Apply non-conducting coating on electric terminals on the off chance if needed
  • Check accuracy of thermostat.
  • Verify proper electric control arrangement and make sure that the heating mechanism and cooling system does not operate at the same time.