Methods Professionals Use To Clean Stains Off Your Roof


A dirty roof can cause serious damage to the foundations of your house. This is a bad sign for your home’s foundations and reduces its value if you are thinking of selling it in the future. That is why it is essential to maintain your roof and have it regularly cleaned by hiring professional roofing services in Sandy UT. However, you may take a DIY approach in this regard if you are wondering about saving your finances. This is a bad approach, though. Instead, you should hire professional roofing experts that can do a much better job in less time and with more efficiency.

Here we shall discuss various methods professionals use to clean the stains off your roof.

Professional Roofing Services In Sandy UT Use Harmless Chemicals

There are cases where amateur roofing contractors use dangerous chemicals to wipe out the stains from your roof. This only results in the situation getting worse. This is a technical process that requires a careful selection of cleaning materials and low-pressure washing techniques. The most commonly used chemical is bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite. It removes the long remaining stain from your roof and does not damage it. The other technique is using the low-pressure washing water cleaning technique. It cleans the tiles without breaking them apart. It even reaches the inner depth of the roof. The professionals who provide commercial roofing services in Sandy UT know all these techniques and skills to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Chlorine Bleach Roof Cleaning Method

If you haven’t cleaned your roof in the past few years, there are chances that it has been affected by tough stains and damages on its surface. If you cannot remove these stains yourself, you can call for professional roofing services in Sandy UT. They use various stain removing options such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, as well as a mixture of other chemicals such as trisodium phosphate. The professional roof cleaning method goes like this:

  • Spray your roof with the formula.
  • Apply the formula the second time after the roof has dried out.
  • The stains, moss, and mold will disappear gradually.

High-Pressure Washing Method

The high-pressure washing water cleaning technique blasts the stains from all its stains. However, this technique is not encouraged by professional roofing contractors. They only use it if all other methods fail. When you hire commercial roofing services in Sandy UT, you should ask the professional team to spray the pressure on their own hands, and if they hesitate, then it means that this method should not be used.

Installing Mold Proof Shingles

If you think that your roof cannot withstand all mold and algae, you should order the installation of mold-free shingles. These cost more than 20% more than the non-treated roofing material. Whatever method professionals use, you just need to ensure that the company you hired for your project is licensed and insured, showcasing their proficiency and trustworthiness to you and their work. Get things done faster and hire the services of Christensen Exteriors. Give us a call at (801) 518-5030.