Top 5 Largest Trade Ports in the US


More than 11 million shipping containers per year arrive at our nation’s trade ports via oceanic travel. The majority of these containers arrive at one of 5 top US trading ports. Do you know what the largest ports in the US are?

You may be surprised to learn that a few of your favorite trade ports didn’t make the cut. If you are wondering what the largest ports in the US are, or are looking to learn more about international trade ports, check out this article.

Come on an amazing fact-filled journey as we discuss the top 5 largest international ports in America. That way you can wow your friends with your knowledge of international commerce.

1. Port of Beaumont Texas

One of the largest US trade ports, Beaumont Texas is situated on the banks of the Sabine Lake. This gives it premier access to the Gulf of Mexico and all of the international shipping lanes that come along with it.

This is the fifth largest trade port in the country by total tonnage. Right around 101.1 million tons of goods travel through this port each year. This is according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ 2019 assessment.

2. Port of Corpus Christi Texas

Another Texas port that made the top 5 list. Corpus Christi is located in the South-Eastern part of Texas and sits right on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico. It comes in at number four with 111.1 million tons of goods shipped per year.

3. Port of New York, New Jersey

The port that serves the most populous city in the United States is so large that its jurisdiction spans two states. The Port of New York, New Jersey sits on the mouth of the Hudson River. It handles 136.6 million tons of goods per year.

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4. Port of South Louisiana

The Port of South Louisiana serves the greater New Orleans area from the banks of the Mississippi River. Not to be confused with the Port of New Orleans, the Port of South Louisiana is located in LaPlace.

This is about halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It is one of the largest trade ports in the nation. This port handles 238 million tons of goods per year giving it the number two spot on our list.

5. Houston Texas

It is no surprise that another Texas port city takes the top spot on our list. The Gulf of Mexico is a calm body of water conducive to trade. It is also the cornerstone of our oil trade.

What is surprising is that America’s largest port city is over 50 miles inland situated on the banks of Trinity Bay. This port city handles 284.9 million tons of goods per year, earning it the top spot on our list.

Our Nation Relies on These Trade Ports

These top five trade ports in America handle a staggering amount of goods each year. Our ability to trade internationally hinges on them. As markets continue to change, these trade ports will remain to stand the test of time.

Use the knowledge in this guide to select the best ports to ship your goods today. You may want to route your shipments through one of these major hub ports for an easier process. Check back here again for other great info!