Why Digital Marketing is important for Companies at the time of Covid-19


In times of crisis, companies are known to cut activities that are considered unsuccessful and unnecessary. Thus, many entrepreneurs decide to cut back on digital marketing investments . However, it is necessary to think carefully before making this choice and consider that today the web represents, not only one of the few ways to reach customers, but also the most effective.

They have blocked trade fairs, conferences, workshops and having a meeting around a table is utopian, at least for the moment. We are therefore left with the network, the main road to be taken to communicate with the target, which is probably more receptive because it is at home : maybe it works on the computer or is bored on the sofa with a smartphone in hand, ready to be attracted by an announcement online custom. Companies that currently feel trapped because of COVID-19 , do not realize they have the key to getting out even stronger: digital marketing .

The potential of marketing at the time of COVID-19: not just trade fairs

Companies, especially B2B companies, have always focused on participation in events and fairs to increase the network of contacts. These meeting opportunities have positive effects especially on poorly digitized sectors or on SMEs, which in this way can increase their visibility and generate positive word of mouth around their work.

Rich in purpose, entrepreneurs invest thousands of euros per year to purchase an exhibition space, equipment and staff necessary for an event of a few days. No wonder the cancellation of the fairs caused by the health emergency was a real cold shower for many of them. How to recover? How to reinvest the budget for live events?

This is the time to seriously think about digital transformation , not only as regards the operation of human resources (see smart working) but also for all the other activities of the company, including business promotion .

Digital Marketing and COVID-19: whoever adapts wins

Darwin also said it: those who adapt to circumstances survive, those who manage to find the opportunity even in the crisis. If an entrepreneur has always been used to meeting customers, collaborators or suppliers face to face, now he must find other ways to reach the same people . The network, in this sense, offers a lot of alternatives: there are social networks, from those most suitable for B2B (such as LinkedIn ) to those ideal for addressing the final consumer, such as Instagram or Facebook .

There are institutional sites to increase visibility, which can be pushed even more with a paid ad on Google Ads or an SEO nyc editorial plan : in short, there is a solution for every need. All that remains is to intercept the needs of the target, decide the objectives, create the strategy and put it into practice in a professional, constant and effective way.

On the other hand, if you think carefully, even when the worst is over, the return to “normal” will be quite gradual : how long will you be able to approach a potential customer and shake his hand, without him first thinking of washing it with a hand gel rather than buying your product? The online channels promote social distancing, but at the same time, allow you to sell. They seem to have been made especially for this historical period.

It’s time to rethink your strategy: from traditional to digital

If so far, many entrepreneurs have moved cautiously, and without too much conviction, now is the time to gear up and devote oneself body and soul to creating digital strategies designed for the target. You could start by working on existing channels, such as social pages or the corporate blog, inserting new content designed to intercept customers or reassure those already existing during this complex and difficult period. The online presence will certainly be appreciated by the public.

Many companies that plan live events, organized before the COVID-19 emergency, usually do not cancel them, but decide to organize them online . In this way they can invite members to participate remotely and, at the same time, try something innovative . So many formats are reinvented thanks to the network. Companies finally seize the opportunities of online channels and manage the emergency, also managing to invest in a tool, digital marketing , which will bring enormous benefits when the crisis is over.

Approaching this approach gradually allows companies to react positively to a difficult moment and, at the same time, to invest in tools and resources that will increasingly occupy a leading role in the world economy.

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