Things to do with Family while Staying at Home


For defusing the spread of coronavirus from the global village, the globally quarantine organized to get prevent. The schools goes to closed, job shifted to work at home basis, the member of families maintain the distance with each other, no one can go outside, the shops, Malls, markets and few airlines operation are also closed after the announcement of lock down because this virus still has no vaccine instead of precautions. Due to the stop of each facility on the earth, the people suffering in the fear, they are unable to meet each other and especially those are stranded overseas, but the Online Flight Booking is not stop working, it is continuously provide it services. When with the passage of time the flights get permit to fly, then the travelers can travel and meet their families, but those who get leverage from this advance technology online procedure because comes first, get serve first is applicable in this time. So, just turn off your electronics and start the fun, while staying in isolation at their residence and make the wonderful memories and try to remove the  all grudges and anger. Try to give relax and calm to each other because everyone have fear that just remove to spend time with each other and beat the boring time with fun activities.

If you have no idea, which activities you can do with family while in the isolation situation. So, just keep your eyes on this blog because, in this you will learn plenty of fun creating activities with family that are very small and casual.

list of activities can do with family at home

  1. Hide and Seek: The simplest game that the children enjoy very much is indoor hide and seeks. Yes, you should play with your family.
  2. Baking: Try a new cookie or cake recipe in the family kitchen, while one member make video and save it for long life.
  3. Tree house: If in the garden a tree, then bring out useless woods or other material and build a tree-house.
  4. Indoor Camping: You can enjoy the camping trip in the living room, which you can enjoy in the overseas through the cheap flight deals, but due to the covid-19 outbreak, you enjoy in your home boundaries.
  5. Indoor Picnic: Plan a picnic with family in your garden or green lawn.
  6. Watch Movie: You can plan a movie in the lawn by covering sides from the curtain.  It is the unique way of entertainment.
  7. Set Wardrobe: Set your cupboard and press the dresses to hang up in wardrobe.
  8. Family dinner: Plan a dinner at home by wearing party wear and enjoy the candle dinner with family
  9. Crafting: Make friendship bracelets and bubbles to play with children
  10. Play pet: You can teach your pet new tricks
  11. Competition: Arranging singing, drawing, and cooking competition in the home
  12. Stories: Share stories with the children
  13. Read comic book: Provide comic books to the children
  14. Future tour: Plan future family trip and make sure advance reservation by getting the benefits of the affordable air blue ticket price. So, when the flights will open you are the lucky one who will travel without any hurdle.
  15. Family party: You can arrange birthday party or the best family time party in the home
  16. Play games: You can enjoy the different games, board game, table tennis, passing pillow, truth and dare and many more
  17. New recipe: Try to new recipe together and enjoy the each moment
  18. Play with slime: Slime is very famous among the children and adults, to entertain your kids enjoy with them slime and encourage them to make new things
  19. Making you-tube video: You can learn how to draw or capture video on YouTube
  20. Write story by self: Sit with family and give task to everyone to write a story according to mind
  21. Learn knit, sew: This is the best time to learn to sew, knit or crochet
  22. Family clip: Make a small video of your family
  23. Wall paint: You can Paint room walls together
  24. Old family photos: This is the golden time to watch old photos and share old memories regarding the photos
  25. Give time to grandparents: The children should sit with your grandparents and give them time and learn from them the about the life experiences
  26. Making card: Design card by the hands and give to each other
  27. Prayer at same time: At the prayer time, all the family members must come at same place and offer the prayers
  28. Watch history: Watch historical places and learn about the history through the cable or the internet
  29. Learn about country: This time is, to learn about the country and the world
  30. Make strong bond: As questions with each other as a friend, this time, you can make a strong bond with the family and share with them your all secrets
  31. Swimming: Make a swimming pool and enjoy swimming
  32. Feel parents King: Children, try to give your parents a royal life, provide them bed tea and offers the king and queen life style (it is also source of enjoyment)
  33. Teach at home: Try to teach your children at home classes
  34. Polish kid’s skill: Encourage your younger child to polish your skills
  35. Night walk: At night, daily basis, must go in the night walk and take breath in the air
  36. Yoga Practice: This is time, to learn yoga and do practice