The Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Man dentist show dentures teeth at dental surgery to his patient at the clinic

In today’s modern society, it is no secret how important dental hygiene is. From an early age, we are taught to brush twice a day, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. We are told how important it is to go to the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings. We are also taught to limit our consumption of sugary treats and to drink water as much as possible. However, just because you brush and floss, every day does not mean you are practicing good dental hygiene. There are plenty of common mistakes you may be making that could negatively affect your dental hygiene.

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Why Dental Hygiene is Important

According to Healthline, dental hygiene plays an important role in your overall health and well being. Poor dental hygiene can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other health risks like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. On top of knowing how to practice proper dental hygiene, it is essential to understand the common mistakes people make every day. Understanding the most common dental hygiene mistakes will help you recognize what you may be doing wrong and help you make the right decisions when it comes to caring for your teeth.

So If you are concerned with your dental hygiene, here are the most common mistakes you may be making.

Skipping Dental Visits

In order to help reduce the risk of major dental issues, it is essential to visit your dentist on a regular basis. When you consistently have your teeth cleaned by your dentist, they will make sure your teeth are in good condition and could prevent any major issues before they occur.

Not Spending Enough Time Brushing

Just because you put toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush every night doesn’t mean you are cleaning your teeth properly. According to experts, in order to properly remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria from the surface of your teeth, it is crucial to brush for a full two minutes at a time. If you brush for any time less than two minutes, you will most likely miss particles and plaque build up around your teeth and mouth. So, whatever you do, make sure you always brush for two minutes.

Brushing Too Hard

Contrary to belief it does not require a significant amount of force to remove bacteria particles from your teeth. Like brushing right after a meal, brushing your teeth too hard can cause major damage to the enamel of your teeth. Make sure you are always gentle while you brush and use a soft bristle toothbrush.

Brushing Right After Eating

Every time you eat a meal, the enamel on your teeth softens. When you brush immediately after consuming food, you risk damaging your teeth by removing the enamel layer of your teeth. It is essential to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging your tooth enamel.

Not Changing Your Toothbrush

Like most products, the longer you use your toothbrush,the less effective it is going to be so it is crucial to regularly change your toothbrush. According to experts, it is best to change your toothbrush at least every three to four months to make sure your toothbrush is as effective as possible.

Improperly Storing Your Toothbrush

On top of regularly changing your toothbrush, it is essential to properly store it. If you leave your toothbrush lying down in a drawer, it will encourage bacteria growth which could be transferred to your mouth when you use it. It is important to keep your toothbrush standing upright so it can properly dry without promoting the growth of bacteria.

Improve Your Smile

Good dental hygiene will not only improve your overall health but will help brighten your smile, making you look and feel better. However, sometimes a proper dental hygiene routine is not enough. If you practice proper dental hygiene and are still unhappy with your smile, consider investing in teeth covers for a picture-perfect smile. Dental veneers are great for covering stained and chipped teeth.

Make The Changes

If you notice you make any of these common dental hygiene mistakes take note, and make the proper change today to transform your smile and overall health.