3 Simple and Powerful Home Renovation Ideas for First-Time Investors


Investing in a home is a huge commitment today. And no matter if you’re buying your first home to live in, or if you’re buying your first investment home, you want to add as much value as possible so you can get a nice return on your investment in the future.

Studies have shown that the most simple renovation ideas can often add significant value. And this can include such things as a professional painting or even simple landscape design elements.

But if you really want to increase your property value, home renovation projects offer you the means to not only be creative and make your space unique but to add elements that attract new buyers as well.

Home renovation ideas can be as imaginative as you like, but there are a few simple methods that are sure to add significant value. In the following post, we’ll explore a few of these renovation ideas.

Kitchen Remodels

One of the places within a home where most people tend to spend a large amount of time is in the kitchen. And because of this, a kitchen should be an open and inviting space for all to feel welcome.

Kitchens are where food is prepared, where families gather to share a meal, engage in conversion and enjoy the company of one another. As such, having a tiny kitchen is never a strong selling point when it comes to investing in a property, especially if it’s your first time investing.

Some of the simplest kitchen remodel ideas involve widening the kitchen space, adding a breakfast nook, installing an island, or adding commercial-grade cooking appliances. In addition, you may also consider remodeling your existing cabinetry.

Open kitchens are popular in today’s interior design world. And along these lines, adding separate pantry storage to reduce clutter in the kitchen is also a sound strategy.

Adding Smart Home Tech

Today we have such a variety of technological tools to make our homes safer and to offer us greater convenience. And smart-home tech is becoming an attractive selling point for buyers across the country.

Smart home devices range from simple virtual assistants to elaborate software tied into the appliances of your home. As such, depending on what type of market you’re looking to tap into, you may want to consider adding at least some basic home tech to your property.

For example, studies have shown that homes with monitored security systems and video surveillance sell much faster, and at a higher price, than those without. And these are actually fairly inexpensive to have installed.

Other ideas you might want to consider are outdoor lighting along walkways, floodlighting for dark corners of the property, and doorbell cameras as well.

Floral Gardens

As mentioned, landscaping is a great way to add value to your home. And what’s more, adding a floral garden not only helps to beautify your landscape, it also offers an element of color to the otherwise lifeless corners of your home.

Floral gardens offer an ambiance that breaks up the greenery, and can also add significant value especially if you use exotic florals, or if you choose to plant a rose garden.

But adding a garden isn’t just a simple process. You’ll need to keep your garden maintained and properly trimmed and fed for it to flourish. Because the last thing you’ll want is to have a prospective buyer come to view your property and have a wilted, lifeless garden overgrown with weeds.

All in all, gardens are great selling points for a home. And a garden with outdoor seating or a lounge area nearby also offers a nice touch to any home on the market today.

At the end of the day, any method you choose to add value to your home has the potential to interest buyers. But you’ll also want to do your research on your target customer. As long as you can deliver what they want, your investment is sure to sell.