A Homeowner’s Guide on How to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator


Bed bugs are an annoying and notoriously difficult pest to exterminate. Once you’ve discovered a potential infestation in your home, it’s important to act fast! However, you still need to take the time to find the right bed bug exterminator for the job.

What are some tips you can use to find a great exterminator for your home?

If you’re on the hunt for a bed bug exterminator, you’re in luck. Here are some important aspects to look out for when choosing a pest control specialist.

What Extermination Methods are Used?

The type of bed bug treatment provided by pest control companies changes what you will do during the treatment process. There are several different types of extermination treatments, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to understand the methods for extermination before hiring a bed bug treatment company.

Types of Extermination Treatments

Heat treatment is a popular type of extermination that can treat all stages of infestation. It is chemical-free and safe to be around when handled by a professional. This option is quick and effective, allowing you to get back to your daily life in no time with the help of a bed bug heating company.

This option has to be handled by a professional, as without the proper tools, heat treatment may not be effective. The temperature in your home needs to raise quickly so that the insects don’t have time to hide. Do not attempt heat extermination treatments without a pest control expert!

Traditional pesticides are also an option, though bed bugs have been showing a certain amount of resistance to some pesticides. You’ll need to do your research to make sure the chemicals you plan to use are still effective against bed bugs. Chemical residue from pesticides can stick around for a while, so you’ll need to use caution; ingesting the residue or coming into contact with it can cause adverse reactions, so make sure pets and small children can’t get near the application areas.

Fumigation is another well-known treatment option that utilizes gas to kill off bed bug infestations. It is currently the most effective method for getting rid of bed bugs, though it does involve you needing to leave your home for the duration of the treatment.

Do They Have Proper Licensing and Registration?

There are certain professional codes of conduct and safety regulations that must be followed by licensed pest control specialists. It’s important to ask for credentials from any pest control companies you are considering for the job. That way, you know that they will take proper precautions as they exterminate your infestation.

What is Their Success Rate?

To get a better understanding of a pest control company, you should ask about their previous experiences exterminating bed bug infestations. You want a company that has a good amount of practice handling bed bugs; they can be incredibly difficult to exterminate effectively, so the more experience a company has, the better.

Ask if the company has any bed bug specialists who are trained specifically to deal with bed bugs, and how they have handled prior extermination treatments. If they are unable or unwilling to answer your questions, you may want to seek out alternative pest control options.

Read Up on Reviews

The best way to learn about an exterminator is to read other people’s experiences. Look into any company reviews available will show how the company has worked with prior clients; it’s important that you read both the positive and negative reviews to get a full understanding of how the company runs its operations.

Ask About Liability Insurance

Having your home open to strangers can be intimidating, especially when they are placing potentially harmful chemicals or heat treatments in your home. This is why most pest control companies offer liability insurance to protect your home against damages.

Ask about the coverage and price for liability insurance when you’re getting an initial price estimate. Be hesitant with companies who do not offer liability insurance at all, as they may not take appropriate precautions while exterminating an infestation.

Get a Detailed Price Breakdown

Getting an estimate for an extermination treatment is great, but you should also get a detailed price breakdown for the entire procedure. This would include inspections, follow-up treatments, and other treatment options available to you.

These price breakdowns will prevent you from being overcharged after the services have been completed. You shouldn’t be expected to pay for any services you didn’t ask for upfront; make sure you ask about any additional services or follow-up treatments that will help keep your infestation from coming back!

Never Handle an Extermination on Your Own

You may be wondering why you need to hire an exterminator for bed bug treatment at all. After all, you can pick up pesticides from most stores without trouble; why bother going to the trouble of hiring someone else for help?

Professional exterminators have all of the tools and experience necessary to get rid of your infestation without risking your health or your property. Without the right equipment, your treatment won’t be as effective as that that could be offered by a professional. Certain treatment options, such as fumigation and pesticide treatments, could also put your health at risk if you inhale any fumes.

It’s better to leave extermination treatments to the professionals. That way, you can protect yourself and ensure that your bed bug problem won’t come back.

Find the Best Bed Bug Exterminator for Your Needs

Bed bugs can be annoying, but with the right bed bug exterminator working for you, you can get your infestation under control in no time. Remember that extermination treatments should always be left to the professionals so that you can keep the bed bugs away longer!

Have you ever had to deal with a bed bug infestation? What did you do to take care of the problem?

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